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Clipper City Sail Boat NYC

Clipper City
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Manhattan By Sail- Set Sail on America’s Largest Sailing Ship

Big City Clippers dominated the coastal trade in the US and the world during the 1800’s, the Civil War and into the early 20th Century when steamships came to the forefront.

CLIPPER CITY- the “Big City Clipper” – is the largest United States Coast Guard certified sailing vessel in the United States. The barquentine-rigged CLIPPER CITY is an exact reconstruction of the historic ship built in 1854 using original plans loaned from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

Nothing will prepare you for the amazing sensation of being on one of the largest sailing boats still in commercial operation today…160′ feet long, with masts rising 120` off the deck. Flying over 8,000 square feet of sail and weighing in at over 200 tons, the Clipper City is both the iconic newest addition to the NYC skyline and a stunning reminder of New York’s role in America’s 19th Century rise to prominence in global commerce.

Join us for a shipboard experience you will remember for all your life as we unfurl the massive square-rigged sails of America’s largest operating tall ship for a cruise of the Big Apple’s famous harbor.

Enjoy stunning views of the Brooklyn Bridge as we get underway. Guests then pass close to the Statue of Liberty under the awesome power of the wind. Sweeping views al so include Ellis Island, the Manhattan Skyline, the fortifications of Governors Island and Battery Park at the mouth of the Hudson River. Depending on the winds and tides, the captain may sail up the Buttermilk Channel or out to the Verrazzano Bridge spanning the ocean entrance to NY Harbor. Prevailing winds all but guarantee an exciting adventure on the waters!

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