Why a Yacht Charter is the Ideal Venue for Your NYC Wedding

Why a Yacht Charter is the Ideal Venue for Your NYC Wedding

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Spend a few minutes with some wedding magazines and you’ll get dizzy from all the options for a NYC wedding venue. Hotels and gardens, event halls and restored Victorian homes … but even the most beautiful of these are a bit, well, overused and cliché. Likely, at least a few of your friends have had weddings in the exact same places. But your wedding is going to be one-of-a-kind, so not just any trite NYC venue will do.

Enter, stage right, the NYC Yacht Wedding. This isn’t just another NYC wedding venue. It’s an exclusive event that’ll have everyone buzzing for the rest of the year. Here are a few of the best reasons to book that NYC yacht charter for your dream wedding.

Those Views!


Any land-based venue has limitations in terms of views. However glorious the view, there’s only one. All your photos will look pretty much the same. A charter yacht wedding does away with that problem entirely. You can get photos of you two with the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in the background. Get shots of you and your parents with a backdrop of the Statue of Liberty (positively perfect for the children of immigrants). Gather the friends for a group photo with the iconic skyline of Manhattan for a backdrop. Plus, you can get both daytime and nighttime shots. Schedule the wedding for 4 or 5 p.m. with a reception to follow, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the daylight for some photos and the glimmering city lights after the ceremony. The possibilities …

Can You Say, ‘Fine Dining’?

The menu options for your yacht wedding are quite nearly as endless as those for your photo ops. You can select a sophisticated, yet simple, cocktail party or hors d’oeuvres, served by a professional wait staff. Boost the affair a notch by providing your guests with a cold lunch, elegant yet practical, or a full, sit-down lunch buffet. Or, go all out with an impressive dinner buffet. Pasta or steak, ham or salmon … your choices (and price points) abound.

Religious or Secular: No Pressure Here!

Whether you prefer a ceremony that adheres to your personal beliefs or an entirely secular wedding, you have choices when you opt for a yacht. Most of the churches, chapels, and cathedrals in NYC prefer to stick to their brand of religion and service. The yacht is on the open waters — write the vows you want or choose an officiant that sees your point of view. Opt for a professional officiant, a religious figure, a friend or family member who is certified to perform NYC weddings, or even a ship’s captain. It’s the perfect way to have complete control over the service, vows, and your belief system. This is the ideal solution for non-traditional couples, including second (third, fourth, fifth) marriages, same-sex marriages, unions between two different belief systems, and other unions ‘outside the norm’.

Dress Up or Down
Like with choosing your menu, you have lots of options when it comes to your wedding dress code on a yacht. Since it’s technically a boat, you can have your guests come in all casual clothing. Semi-casual or dress-casual is equally acceptable. You can also have a totally formal wedding on a NYC charter yacht. Usually, less formal weddings are in the daytime and more formal ones are at nighttime, but you can absolutely break those rules if you choose a wedding yacht charter.

No Slipping Out After the Service
Have you ever been to a wedding that was packed and then get to the reception and there’s only a handful of folks left? You won’t have that problem on a wedding yacht charter. You can rest assured that all the guests who make it to your wedding will also be in attendance at the reception, unless they jump overboard. All that amazing food you pay for doesn’t go to waste, and you’ll have the pleasure of greeting and chatting with everyone who comes personally. You can also completely control the length of the reception. Just tell the yacht captain when to make port, and the party will break up on its own without you having to shoo everyone away. Don’t worry, you can still have your guests send you off with the traditional shower of birdseed or bubbles.

Right-Size Your Wedding Guest List

Most of the NYC wedding venues are quite large. Why rent space for 500 guests when you only want a party of 12? Conversely, larger weddings get cumbersome on land. Parking problems, seating issues, and other logistical snags could derail a perfectly planned and glamorously executed wedding ceremony and reception. Plus, what about those venues where you can have the service, but not the reception? When you opt for a yacht wedding, there’s ample parking at the marina whether you invite 5 people, 50, or 500. You can also choose from more than 40 wedding yachts, each offering different space, decor, and other amenities. Book a quick ceremony and cocktail party or schedule an all day affair — also your choice! Yacht weddings are leisurely, calm, and there are no distractions aboard. You won’t be competing with the Yankee’s game that starts at 3 or hurrying to get your guests out before the crowds start pouring out of MetLife Stadium after a Jets game.

The bottom line is, nobody’s in a bad mood on a cruise. It’s like stepping out of the real world and enjoying a complete fantasy for a little while. Don’t want your wedding to be like all the others? Choose a NYC yacht wedding, and yours will be one of a kind and a dream come true. Contact Yachts for All Seasons to start planning your wedding cruise today!

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