NYC Yacht Wedding Tips

NYC Yacht Wedding Tips

5 Things to Avoid When Planning Your NYC Yacht Wedding

Nothing is as lovely, romantic, and memorable as a NYC Yacht wedding. If you’re looking for a fairy tale that encompasses all the beauty of New York City, without having to spend your wedding day hassling with traffic and tourists and racket, a NYC yacht charter wedding is the perfect solution. Your guests can enjoy the amazing scenery of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and the array of vessels that come into and out of the harbor, but no one has to worry about their car being towed or standing in line to use the restroom or how to get to the reception hall. Plus, your pictures will be amazing with the glistening waves behind you, set in a backdrop of city lights and bridges and sailboats.

But a charter boat wedding, like any other venue, means taking some special care to get everything perfect. Don’t worry — these friendly warnings will keep you right on track for the ideal yacht wedding you desire.

1. NYC Yacht Wedding Tips: Scheduling the Timeline So Tight No One Can Enjoy the Cruise

Hellos and photos, crowds and vows, drinks and hors d’oeuvres, games and toasts … there’s so much to stuff into a wedding timeline. Resist the urge to schedule things so tightly that guests don’t have time to mill about the deck, take in the views, and ooh-aah about the boat, the decorations, and the ambiance you’ve so carefully crafted all the months your wedding planning was underway. Give them time to enjoy the fact that you’re having your wedding on a charter boat instead of one of the many overused and tired venues on shore.
2. NYC Yacht Wedding Tips: Ignoring Your Guest List When Choosing the Vessel
NYC Charter Boat Wedding Tips - Guests
When planning a wedding, it’s easy to focus on looks, looks, looks, forgetting that there are other considerations. Yachts for All Seasons has 49 vessels to choose from, so you should have no trouble finding a charter boat for your wedding that has both the look you want, as well as other considerations. Account for the number of guests you have, what special needs they have, whether you prefer cocktails only, or some light snacks, or a full sit-down dinner. Also consider any special needs, such as family or friends with mobility issues, fears like heights or large, open spaces, or anyone who needs immediate access to restrooms (such as diabetics and pregnant women).
3. NYC Yacht Wedding Tips: Timing the Invitations for the Boat’s Embarkment
NYC Boat Wedding Tips - Wedding Invitation Timing
If your invitations say the wedding is at 2, guests will still be arriving at the marina at 1:59. Unfortunately, the charter boat will be long gone by then. When printing your invitations, be sure to account for the time it takes to board the vessel and embark from port. Discuss your particular timeline with your wedding planner, but you will need plenty of time for everyone to get seated before the ceremony begins. Hence, if your wedding starts at 2, guests might need to be at the marina as early as 1 p.m.

4. NYC Yacht Wedding Tips: Considering the Time of Day Your Guests will Park & Leave the Marina

NYC Boat Wedding Tips - Weddings
A similar consideration is where your guests will leave their vehicles during the wedding cruise. There are four NYC marinas your wedding charter boat can embark from, so be sure you know which one is which, and the ins and outs of that particular marina. For instance, if your wedding cruise is at a particularly busy time of the day or week, you might want to adjust the timing so guests won’t miss the boat because they can’t find a parking spot. Plan around big events at Ichan Stadium, Harbor Center, Cosmos Stadium, and other nearby events centers and sports venues.
The professionals at Yachts for All Seasons are well versed in timing charter boat weddings, and they can advise you on how to get guests there in time to embark. Finally, consider what times are safest to leave vehicles unattended. You might want to switch your Saturday evening wedding to one on Sunday afternoon if Aunt Emma and Uncle Billy refuse to park in Queens on a Saturday night.
5. NYC Yacht Wedding Tips: Failing to Take Advantage of the Yacht Charter’s Wedding Professionals

We’ve touched on many considerations of a charter boat wedding — from menus to timelines to choosing the ideal vessel for your special day. All of this can get daunting if you don’t have a pro at your side. But the folks at Yachts for All Seasons have planned and executed hundreds of weddings, each with special considerations and the extra touches the brides, grooms, and families expect. Let’s get started planning your perfect NYC yacht wedding today!
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