4 Important Tips When Serving Seafood at Your Wedding

Seafood is an increasingly common part of many wedding menus, and for a good reason. They are nutritious, easy to prepare, and relatively cheap, depending on your location. It should be noted, however, that most seafood dishes need to be prepared and served in a specific way and at a ...
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Tips To Save On Your Engagement Ring

If you’re finally ready to pop the big question and start the journey to a blissful future with your partner but don’t know what to buy or how much to spend on a ring, you are in the right place. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you ...
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Things You Should Know About the Mother of the Bride’s Outfit

The bride’s mother is always vital to any wedding planning process. Besides serving as the bride’s family liaison, she is the bride’s guide and advisor during the wedding planning process and plays a vital role in choosing her outfit.  Granted, the attire rules, in this case, are not as rigid ...
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What Wedding Expenses Can Be Tax Deductible?

Getting married is often said to be a sure way to pay lower taxes. While this is not always true, newlyweds can have a leaner tax return by writing off certain wedding expenses. In particular, couples owning or managing charitable organizations or who paid for nonprofit venues have solid cases ...
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What You Need To Know About Cake Cutting

The wedding cake is undoubtedly one of the most ubiquitous and symbolic elements of any wedding ceremony.  The tradition dates back to the classic Roman era when breaking bread over the bride’s head was a vital fixture of every wedding.  Although times have changed and customs have evolved, the ceremonial ...
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What You Should and Shouldn’t do When Having an Adult-Only Wedding

When you are doing wedding planning, it is entirely up to you and your partner to decide the kind of ceremony you would like. This includes deciding whether to have a child-free wedding or not.  That said, there are certain issues you are likely to face when planning a child-free ...
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