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Wedding Planning Tips

We all love weddings. These once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are moments that we live to cherish for the rest of our lives. If you want your wedding to be memorable, you have to put your best foot forward and enlist professional wedding planners like us, who know what they are doing. If …

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10 Practical Ideas to Help Social Distancing at Your Wedding Post COVID-19

Weddings shall never be the same again as the effects of the Coronavirus take a toll on social gatherings and celebrations. However, this does not mean couples cannot tie the knot anymore. Love has to go on, but aspiring couples now have to change strategy in line with social distancing …

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The Benefits of Renting a Private Charter

When planning a corporate event, or any kind of party for that matter, the last thing you want it to be is ordinary. You want to create a lasting memory not only for yourself (depending on how important the event is to you) but also for your guests as well. …

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How Long Does It Take to Plan a Wedding? (Part 2)

The Final Stages of Wedding Planning Welcome to our second, and last, part of our collection of wedding planning tips. The first part, which you can read HERE, covered the planning from 12 or more months away to 6 months before the wedding. This edition covers the remainder of the …

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How Long Does It Take to Plan a Wedding

A wedding is, for most people, a once in a lifetime event that requires intricate and thorough planning. In the absence of clear-cut rules and procedures – which is for the better, considering everyone is different – many people easily get confused about how to manage the planning process and …

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 5 Fall Wedding Color Palette Ideas

The social distancing measures implemented to control the coronavirus disease’s spread mean that people now have more time to plan for future events while at the comfort of their homes. As of now, many are thinking about organizing their weddings in autumn.  One of the first things wedding planners think …

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