How to Give A Wedding Toast

Toasting is one of those things you won’t hear being mentioned in most wedding planning meetings, but it’s still an invaluable part of the wedding reception ceremony. In fact, some couples insist that the toast-giving time be slotted in the reception program well in advance so the toast-giver(s) can have …

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Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding

Flowers are to a wedding what salt is to food. They not only complement the festivities, but may also serve as the focal point of the day’s decor. Considering how important wedding floral arrangements are in many cultures, it is not surprising that many prospective couples have a hard time …

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Celebrating Your Child’s Sweet 16 on a Yacht

Every girl dreams of having a perfect birthday celebration when they turn 16. Its importance is like that of their wedding or college graduation. The milestone signifies an important stage in their life, which is the transition into young adults. Teenagers like to call this period “sweet sixteen”, which is …

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Tips For Planning a Last-Minute Wedding

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful. This process takes months, and it can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to planning a last-minute wedding. After a long interview with a recent couple who planned their wedding in under 1-month due to conflicts with family schedules, we …

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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake

Wedding cake shopping is a very crucial part when it comes to wedding planning. You need to be aware of the various cake designs, ideas, and bakers to approach. You also need to put in mind the number of guests, venue, wedding theme, and color palette in order to settle …

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Celebrating a Birthday on a Yacht

Birthday parties are one of the momentous occasions in our lives. As such, they should be celebrated in the grandest way possible. And what better way to celebrate than a yacht birthday party? Consider chartering a yacht in New York to celebrate your birthday.   A yacht birthday party will not …

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