Things to Know About Throwing Rice at Your Wedding

Rice tossing is one of the most enduring wedding traditions in the world. As such, many couples don’t think twice about incorporating it into their weddings.  Legend has it that rice symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and fertility, and having it thrown at you and your spouse at your wedding will …

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Why Your Next Team Meeting Should Be On a Yacht Charter

Achieving sustainable success for your business requires much more than a dedicated team. You also must regularly engage with your employees on a high level, ideally in a conducive setting that strengthens team spirit and further inspires their productivity. If you are in NYC, a yacht charter is one of …

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Ms., Miss, and Mrs. – What’s the Difference?

When people talk of the stresses and frustrations of wedding planning, they mainly refer to the event’s financing, budgeting, and organizational aspects. Seemingly routine things, like addressing invitations, are usually considered quick and straightforward undertakings; subsequently, many planners pay little attention to them. However, using the wrong titles in reference …

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Who Usually Says Their Wedding Vows First?

A marriage vow is a crucial highlight of nearly every wedding ceremony. It is a unique moment when you share how you feel about your spouse, make lifelong promises, and reflect on your journey together.  For this reason, the session is not only an emotional moment but a magical part …

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How to Make the Best of the Gap Between Your Wedding and Reception

Timing is undoubtedly one of the critical aspects of a successful wedding ceremony. It ensures your guests stay on schedule, so they don’t miss important events. It also helps you make the best of your last moments before the reception. However, when planning the timings of the big day, you …

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How to Choose the Perfect Person to Officiate Your Wedding

A wedding officiant is an instrumental pillar in every wedding ceremony. Besides presiding over the ceremony, the officiant oversees critical functions, including vows exchange, and sets the wedding tone.  Most importantly, they ensure the wedding fulfills all the relevant legal requirements. In the long run, the choice of an officiant …

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