Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Wedding Album

A wedding album is one of the most special mementos you can have in your life. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that a wedding album can bring a lot of joy and bliss in the form of preserved memories that live on indefinitely. In this ...
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How Many Bridesmaids Are Too Much?

Wedding planning is undeniably fun and exciting, and choosing a bridal party is the most thrilling part of it all. Your bridal team will most likely consist of your family and close friends. However, it is not possible to include all your female friends in the bridal party, mostly because ...
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Tips for Planning a Post-Pandemic Wedding

No doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard. However, this does not mean you cannot plan for your wedding this year. With vaccines already rolling out, you can be hopeful of organizing a successful wedding in 2021. Here are a few tips for planning a post-pandemic wedding. Enlist ...
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Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding invitations, especially from people you love, will equal parts excite and disconcert you. When the exciting thoughts of a new couple in your close circles wear off, you will be left dealing with the uncertainties of fitting the wedding date into your schedule, picking an outfit for the day, ...
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Wedding Dresses For A Boat Venue

The bride’s dress or gown is arguably the most important aspect of the ceremony (second only to the venue’s color scheme and evening party, of course). The subsequent photo and video moments further immortalize the dress. However, as important as it is, choosing a suitable wedding dress is not as ...
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How to Give A Wedding Toast

Toasting is one of those things you won’t hear being mentioned in most wedding planning meetings, but it’s still an invaluable part of the wedding reception ceremony. In fact, some couples insist that the toast-giving time be slotted in the reception program well in advance so the toast-giver(s) can have ...
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