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Tips For Choosing the Wedding Cake

Wedding planning requires assertiveness and excellent decision-making skills in all aspects, more so when it comes to choosing a wedding cake. And as with any other decision-making process, you need to be well informed about various wedding cake ideas, available bakers and different designs. The more informed you are, the …

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7 Helpful Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

Nothing is as exciting to two lovebirds as getting engaged. The mere thought of spending the rest of your lives together can make you feel heads over heels. However, as soon as the excitement of the engagement starts to wear off, it dawns on you that you need to start …

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Do Wedding Planners Plan Their Own Wedding?

What happens when a wedding planner is having a wedding? Do they hire another planner, or do they handle all the planning? Well, some planners feel like they have the necessary skills and knowledge to make things work, and don’t see the need to hire an event planner for their …

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Planning Your 2019 Corporate Holiday Event

Corporate holidays are quite beneficial to a company. From increased employee engagement to enhanced productivity, companies stand to gain a lot by simply organizing an office party for their employees. As we approach the holiday season, it is prudent to start planning your 2019 corporate holiday event early, to avoid …

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Tips for Finding Your Ideal Wedding Dress

The dream wedding just wouldn’t be the same without the perfect wedding dress! If you’re getting married and you need to go dress shopping, you probably already know that you’re going to look at more than one dress (and try on more too) before you get closer to what you …

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Occasions To Celebrate on Yacht Charters

When it comes to special events in your family’s life, it is a chance to celebrate! An accomplishment, birthday, or other important event may be all the reason that you need to plan a great party for all your relatives. The main thing you may be considering if you’re planning …

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