6 Responsibilities That Usually Fall on the Mother of the Groom


Ideally, wedding planning should begin at least one year in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. 

While the bride’s mother plays a more critical role in the planning phase, the groom’s mother can also have a say in the entire process. However, her responsibilities are usually at the couple’s discretion.

Here’s a breakdown of the responsibilities your future mother-in-law can take on to help make your wedding less stressful.

Before the Wedding

Wedding planning can be strenuous and overwhelming, particularly if you have a long to-do list. Fortunately, your future mother-in-law can have a role to play before the wedding, and you can enlist her services based on her primary strengths. Ensure you don’t buckle under pressure to include her in tasks you can do yourself or with your mom.

Planning the Wedding

Like any other mom, the groom’s mother wants her son’s wedding to be successful. You can include her in the wedding planning process from the get-go. Invite her to meet your cake baker, caterer, or florist to exchange ideas and help with the initial planning.

While shopping for your wedding dress remains a mom-daughter affair, inviting the groom’s mother to your fitting can be an exciting time for all involved. In addition, it allows you to have a different opinion on your preferred dress. 

Ensure you set boundaries and stick to them from the onset, particularly if you establish that your future mother-in-law is attempting to take over the wedding planning or your relationship with your in-law is somewhat rocky.

Select a few things from your to-do list that they can take over, such as coordinating your centerpieces or designing your table settings. Nonetheless, your future mother-in-law shouldn’t place orders or book caterers without asking you first.

Making Your Guest List

A guest list is one of the most critical elements when planning a wedding, as it determines the people who will grace your momentous occasion. Usually, the list comprises your close friends and family, not to mention the bridal party. So naturally, your guests should have the priority on the list, but you’ll probably experience a little back and forth with the mother of the groom when deciding how many people from their side of the family will make the final cut.

Remember, you have the final say on who can attend your wedding. You should expect about 80 percent of invitees to RSVP to your wedding. After sorting the details, the groom’s mother can help you confirm invitations and collate names and addresses. She can also assist with seating arrangements as the wedding draws closer.

Planning the Ceremony

The groom’s mother can have a role in planning the wedding ceremony, particularly when integrating the groom’s family traditions and religious beliefs. 

Some families are so particular about big ceremonies such as weddings, and traditions, cultural beliefs, and religious inclinations will always come into play on such occasions. 

The groom’s mother can assist in this regard, so you should consider consulting her when planning the ceremony. Whether it’s a poem or recitation, your future mother-in-law can help plan any special ceremony readings, customs, or rituals passed down from generation to generation.

Rehearsal Dinner

The groom’s mother can offer to host the rehearsal dinner to help share costs or get other family members who might not be part of the actual wedding involved. It can also be a way for the groom’s mother to show appreciation for allowing her to be part of your wedding planning.

Whatever the case, your future mother-in-law might be the host, but you still have a big say on the kind of rehearsal party you want. Share your preferences regarding the location, meals, time, and scale of the event from the onset. Ideally, you should suggest the budget and help with planning to avoid things getting out of hand.

During the Wedding

Your wedding is a momentous occasion, and it’s your big day, so you wouldn’t want anyone to ruin it. Nonetheless, the groom’s mother can help make your big day successful.

Here are additional responsibilities your future mother-in-law can help with during the wedding.

Organizing Guests

A wedding can get messy if guests don’t know when the event starts or where to sit. Your future mother-in-law can help sort the mess by rounding up guests and organizing seating arrangements. In addition, she can help invitees take their seats promptly to ensure the wedding starts right on time.

The groom’s mother can also assist with transport arrangements to and from the venue, especially for family and friends. Her role is to ensure guests don’t get lost, especially if the wedding and reception are at different locations. She should also be at hand when it’s time to round up family and guests for group photos.


Allow your mother-in-law to have fun during the mother-son dance at the reception. During this time, you can turn to your bridal party if you need help with the remaining tasks.


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