What Are the First Steps in Wedding Planning?


If you just got engaged, you’re certainly looking forward to having your wedding soon. Although planning for the wedding might be an exciting journey, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. 

Nevertheless, wedding planning can be an incredible journey if you know what you want on your dream day. Moreover, breaking the process into manageable steps can help reduce stress. 

Below are the first steps to get you started in wedding planning.

Celebrate Your Engagement

Have fun together and celebrate every moment. You can take time to reflect on how you got engaged, take photos with your engagement ring, and contemplate the beautiful memories ahead.

Decide On Your Wedding Theme and Style

Before you get deeper into the planning sessions, decide beforehand your preferred style and theme. Knowing your style will help you determine a suitable venue, color palettes, dress code, and the best period to get married, among other factors.

Create a Budget and Guest List

A budget is essential in wedding planning since it puts every planning aspect in motion. The best way to start your budget is to work with a defined guest list. Here, you’ll outline the number of guests you wish to invite and the best venue to accommodate everyone.

After that, you can discuss this with your partner, parents, friends, and family members who may be willing to contribute to the budget. At this point, you will also be able to determine how much debt you’ll likely incur after committing to the wedding expenses.

Attend Wedding Shows

The best way to draw inspiration is to attend wedding-related events such as bridal shows. A bridal show or wedding expo is the one-stop shop for all things weddings. Brides and their guests can meet several top wedding professionals in one place so that they can plan their dream weddings. From samples to prizes and even free honeymoons, a bridal expo is one of the best places to be as a bride.

Identify Your Choice Vendors

It’s essential to hire the right people to help you plan and deliver a successful wedding. A great place to meet different vendors is at the wedding shows.

Once you identify suitable photographers, florists, DJs, and videographers, you can sign up for their services by paying the required deposits. Since there’s a high demand for wedding vendors, it is advisable to start meeting them a year in advance.

Take Away

Wedding planning can be tedious, but everything will flow smoothly with the correct information and guidance.


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