11 Rules to Follow for a Wedding


Couples no longer follow all wedding traditions. However, some rules still apply even in modern weddings.

As such, it may be overwhelming to follow all the dos and don’ts of a wedding. Unfortunately, even seasoned guests sometimes get it wrong regarding wedding etiquette.

To make it easier, we’ve compiled eleven rules you should follow if you are a wedding couple or guest.

Add Your Wedding Registry to Your Website

A wedding registry is simply a list of gifts the wedding couple makes to guide the gifting session and ensure it is easier, fun, and memorable. 

However, printing the registry information on invitation cards may portray you as desperate for gifts. Instead, you should include the information on your website and add a separate link to your wedding invitation.

Don’t Insist On Cash Donations

Even if you need some cash to cover wedding expenses, you shouldn’t insist on getting hard cash from your friends. Instead, an excellent way to mobilize funds is to set aside a kitty on your website, such as a honeymoon or home renovation fund. In addition, make it open so it can accommodate people who wish to give physical gifts. 

Send Physical Invitations

The surest way to convey information about your wedding is by sending a physical invitation to targeted individuals. Although some people find it easy to send a text or social media invite, it is never a good idea as it appears informal.

If you have a target list, add a QR code or unique link to your invitation and request your friends to RSVP online. 

Allow Your Guests to Bring Extra Guests

Deciding whether your guests should bring other guests can be a tough choice. However, if your friends are married, engaged, or in serious relationships, you should allow them to come with their partners. If you know the name of your guest’s partner, it is even better to print the name on the invitation so they feel much appreciated.

Be Courteous About Children

If you have reservations about children, make it clear on the invitation so that parents have ample notice. 

Besides, you can use polite language such as;

  • We would like to have a special adult-only event.
  • We can only invite children from immediate families due to constricted space.

Give Your Onsite Vendors a Meal

Onsite vendors play an essential role in wedding planning and on the wedding day. These include service providers like event organizers, DJs, photographers, MCs, and many more.

An excellent way to appreciate your onsite vendors is by allowing them a break to refresh and have their meals. You can make early arrangements with your caterers to ensure they don’t miss their meals while working hard to ensure the day is successful.

Acknowledge Every Gift

Sending a “thank you” card is traditional but still applicable to modern weddings. The rule of thumb is to send a thanksgiving card to every guest who gives you a wedding gift. When sending appreciation cards, ensure you do it within three months of your wedding date.

Don’t Invite More Guests if You’re Invited

Weddings are expensive and require tough decisions when deciding the number of guests to invite. For this reason, many couples would want to downsize their guest lists to cut costs. If you have a wedding invitation, don’t invite more guests than your invitation requires. 

Respect the Timelines

Weddings typically have a timeline to ensure a seamless planning and wedding experience. It is therefore advisable to respect the time schedules if you’re the guest. For instance, when sending your RSVP card, send it by the date indicated on the card. That way, you’ll give the planners ample time to estimate the guest list.

Similarly, respect the arrival time indicated on the invitation card on the wedding day. It’s better to show up earlier, so you can find your seat before the event unfolds. However, arriving when the bride walks down the aisle can be a significant turn-off.

Avoid Unnecessary Distractions

Most couples don’t restrict guests from carrying their smartphones. However, avoiding phone distractions such as flash sounds and ringing tones is crucial. If possible, switch off your phone or mute all notifications until the ceremony ends. 

Similarly, if you are taking photos, don’t post them on social media while the event is still underway. Instead, allow the couple to share their photos before you post your favorite pictures.

Stick to the Dress Code

Couples typically have a dress code listed on the wedding invitation or website. Therefore, you should honor their request regarding dressing.

If the dress code isn’t indicated, men can wear a button-down shirt and khaki pants, while women can wear a simple dress or pantsuit. And as a general rule, white is always reserved for the bride.


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