Social Media Etiquette Rules During A Wedding Wedding Ceremony


It is easy to get overly excited at weddings. And if you own a smartphone, you may be tempted to take photos or videos to keep them as souvenirs or share them on your social media pages. 

However, no matter how close you are to the couple, you should be very wary of the content you record and share, as it’s easy to overstep the line. 

Knowing what, when, and how to post the various photos and videos you take at a wedding is key to keeping your relationship with the couple intact and not coming off as a jerk. So, to start you off, here are our essential do’s and don’ts of social media usage at weddings.


Use the Couple’s Hashtag to Share Content

Depending on how tech-savvy the couple is, they may have a wedding hashtag under which they intend to post all content touching on their wedding. So, if you plan to share anything, the least you can do is find out if there’s a hashtag, and if there is, use it when sharing photos. 

They may not directly ask you to, but using the couple’s chosen hashtag makes it easier for them to track everyone’s photos. 

Keep Your Phone Away and Off

One of the most important yet commonly forgotten social media etiquette rules for weddings is to keep your phone away and switched off or in silent mode during the ceremony. 

No matter what they say, no one wants to be blinded by the collective flashlights of dozens of phone cameras when they say, I Do. Most couples hire photographers for their big day, so you can always find a way to relive the moment without personally recording it.

We recommend putting your phone away during the cake cutting, when the couple has their first dance, and during the speeches. 

Be Mindful of Other People in Your Photos

First, do not post any photo that puts anyone in an unflattering light. If you must, at least crop out the person who doesn’t appear at their best. This is especially important if it is the couple or anyone related.

Additionally, be mindful of the captions you post alongside your content. Primarily, avoid posting any jokes or personal slights against anyone. It’s not about you but the couple. So, congratulate them, wish them the best in their new life, and let it go.


Rush to Post the Bride’s Photos Before She Does

The bridal reveal is the most significant moment of the day, and if you’re close to the bride, you will most definitely want to post a few clips of her gorgeous look on your Instagram story. Hold your horses, though. As a rule of thumb, it’s advisable always to post the bride’s picture (or any other wedding photo) only after the couple has done so. Even better, you can wait for a day or two.

Interrupt the Photographer

Do not get within three steps of the photographer in any direction, even when you want to snap a particular moment, not even when everyone else is doing it.

Getting in the photographer’s way prevents them from getting the correct details and denies the couple some epic shots of their big day. Ideally, the photographer should have the time and space needed to capture every angle, motion, and lighting aspect.

Share Anything Dramatic

Do not post any drama at the wedding. You may record it, text your best friend about it, and even participate, but don’t post anything scandalous. 

Allow the couple to look back at their big day with smiles on their face and not worry whether any dramatic videos will go viral on social media pages.


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