Tips For Planning an Outdoor Summer Wedding


Ideally, if you plan to have your wedding in the summer, it should be outdoors. 

However, as much as the summer brings out the warmth and joy in weddings, extreme heat may present many challenges from a planning perspective.

Nonetheless, your summertime event can still rock and result in some beautiful moments and memories. Below are six ways you can make this happen:

Inform Your Guests Early

Many people, especially those with school-aged children, tend to schedule their vacations around the summer months. So, it is advisable to send out your preliminary invites or Save The Dates early enough to allow your guests adequate time to adjust any plans they may be having for your chosen date. We mean between 6 months to a year before your D-day by early enough.

Throw Some Shade

As mentioned earlier, the oppressive heat that characterizes most summer days can muck up your event and leave your guests uncomfy and even dehydrated. To mitigate these effects, ensure your venue has plenty of shade to provide heat relief if and when necessary.

Naturally, trees give the best shade and produce adequate cool air; even in the hottest of fays, hence you do not require air conditioning. If your chosen venue doesn’t have a lot of trees, you can look for other options like pergolas and canopies. And if you’re anticipating a huge turnout, have some portable AC systems at hand, and plenty of water bottles and ice as well.

Avoid the Midday

Midday in the summertime is the worst time to be outside – the sun is at its hottest, and the heat at its most unforgiving state. Those conditions are not exactly suitable for fun and merry-making.

Although mid-morning is an alternative timeframe, you should ideally have the wedding ceremony in the late afternoon. This not only protects your guests from the heat but also allows you to have your reception dinner at sunset, which provides arguably the best background for your photos.

Let the Dress Fit the Occasion

As the bride, your choice of wedding dress is undoubtedly a sentimental one and inspired by a lot of things in your life. Nonetheless, if you decide to have a summer wedding, it is important to dress for the occasion, even if you have to forego your dream dress. 

Essentially, you want a dress made from a fairly light and breathable material, such as silk. This way, you won’t be left feeling sticky and sweaty if the temperatures rise, as would be the case if you choose to wear a traditional ball gown or a satin dress.

Serve Lighter Food

Resist the temptation to have a 5-course dinner for your wedding reception. Having your guests on full stomachs is hardly going to make them want to dance and make merry, especially when they also have to deal with the balmy heat.

Fruits, entrees, and meat skewers as the main course would be a perfect choice for a summertime wedding reception, more so when they are accompanied by fresh fruits and some minty desserts. Avoid heavy meals like charred meats and spicy snacks as they also increase the sweating rates.

Protect Your Skin

You will probably be in the sun for quite some time so protecting your skin should be a priority. This not only means applying plenty of sunscreen before putting on your clothes for the day but also having some sunscreen bottles at hand for your guests. You can place the bottles in the washrooms, or even under the guests’ seats.


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