8 Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Planner


The frustrations of planning your wedding can drain you and take the joy out of the whole process – but that’s only if you choose to do everything yourself. 

Hiring the right wedding planner can take the weight off your shoulders and open a whole new world of possibilities for your big day.

Of course, great wedding planners are not cheap, and it is understandable if you are reluctant to hire one. However, it is worth it. Here’s how:

They Turn Your Dreams Into Realities

So, you want a floating floral arrangement at the reception dinner? Or are you planning to have a mural of your favorite rock band as your backdrop? Get a wedding planner, and you’re halfway through. 

The average wedding planner knows so many vendors that they will get you almost everything you need in less than half the time it would take you to shop for the same. 

You Can Delegate Most Tasks to Them

Let’s face it; wedding planners are used for handling the stress and responsibilities that come with planning weddings and can serve as an excellent outlet for responsibilities that stress you out. However, this essentially leaves you with manageable tasks that you can do with your spouse without compromising your bond and happiness as a couple.

They Can Be of Great Help When it Comes to Budgeting

Most wedding planners know a thing or two about discounts, rentals, ongoing sales, and even how to negotiate contracts, all of which can considerably reduce your expenses.

Further, your planner will keep track of all the booking and delivery schedules and give you timely reminders when the various dates get close, so you don’t miss out on anything. This gives you the freedom to handle other responsibilities without worrying about missing deadlines.

They Can Help You Brainstorm Ideas

There’s a strong likelihood that your idea of a perfect wedding is informed by what you saw on social sites such as Instagram or Pinterest. While there’s nothing wrong with looking for inspiration on the internet, trying to recreate what you saw in a picture will only leave you burned out and disappointed when things don’t go as expected. 

You have someone to bounce your ideas off in a wedding planner and possibly learn about new, practical ideas. Having been involved in weddings before, the typical planner will know what works and what doesn’t and won’t hesitate to let you know if you ask nicely.

They Will Handle the Drama for You

The frustrations and pressures of the planning process may make you and your planning team extra grumpy, increasing the likelihood of bust-ups and unnecessary drama. 

A planner will know how to navigate through these muddy waters, as well as other potentially embarrassing eventualities like late deliveries and wardrobe malfunctions. 

With these taken care of, you can entirely focus on enjoying the day with your spouse and guests and maintaining a positive state of mind.

They’ll Help With Contracts

You need to keep in mind and fully accept that no matter how much you try, something will go wrong somewhere along the road. This is especially true when it comes to contracts. 

The fact that you will sign so many contracts throughout the process means you will probably miss out on some details, which can bite you in the backside later. And while most planners are not lawyers, they know a fair bit about wedding contracts and will be there to help you negotiate and go through any offered contracts to ensure you don’t get taken advantage of.

They Will Match You Up With The Best Vendors

Unless you live in a big city where all the vendors are just a search engine result away, you will need someone to point you in the direction of all the best service providers. And you can bet that a person who plans weddings for a living would know plenty of vendors and their rates. 

You Get a Day Off on Your Big Day

Depending on your contract, your planner may handle all the day-of deliveries, venue arrangements, and any emergencies. You will only focus on creating great memories with your partner and loved ones. And who wouldn’t love to get a worry-free wedding day?

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