How To Include Your Culture In Your Wedding Day


Cultural representations in weddings are all the rage today, thanks to an increasingly mobile world and a growing interest in different cultures. Whether incorporating different cultural elements or simply embracing your own culture, there are plenty of ways you can add cultural touches to your big day to make it memorable. 

If you are considering a culture-themed wedding, we have several recommendations that can help you pull this off. This includes dress code ideas, accessories, and even venue decor. Read on to find out how you can effectively imbue elements of your culture in your wedding to make the experience unique. 

Incorporate Cultural Dressing and Fashion

One of the most creative ways to highlight your cultural heritage on your wedding day is through your choice of dressing. Integrating different cultural attires allows you to make a bold statement on your special day.

If you come from a Hindu background, for instance, you may choose to wear a Sari for your wedding. Then, slip into a more conventional Western gown for the reception. Similarly, if you are an Asian bride, you may choose to wear a white gown for your wedding then change into a red dress for your reception.

There are other ways you can incorporate your culture on your wedding day besides your choice of attire. For example, if you want to stick to one outfit throughout the ceremony, you can highlight your culture through accessories such as jewelry. 

Remember, cultural references don’t necessarily have to be obvious to everyone attending your wedding. They can simply be personal to you, and if you wish to elaborate on how you came up with your themes, you can include a brief write-up in your wedding program to explain their cultural significance. If you have any older generation folk attending your wedding, they will certainly appreciate this nod to cultural heritage.

Get Creative With Food and Drinks

Including cultural foods and drinks in the reception, the menu is another common way in which people reference their heritage at their weddings. Select a few culinary delights and drinks from your native country to add to your menu as a way of paying homage to the land you come from. This will make your reception more unique and give your guests a truly memorable dining experience. 

Incorporate Your Cultural Heritage Through Paper Elements

There are numerous creative ways in which you can employ paper elements to highlight your culture on your wedding day. For instance, during the pre-wedding period, you can imbue your culture on your wedding invitation cards by adding emblems and symbols that have special meaning. Similarly, when printing out wedding programs, you can include explanations for the cultural elements you have chosen for your wedding. This is particularly helpful to your invited guests from other cultures who may not understand the significance of certain themes and practices. 

Reflect Your Culture Through Your Choice of Decor

Infusing your heritage into your wedding can be as simple as incorporating colors that are prized in your culture. When choosing floral decor and table dressing, go for colors and hues that have significance in your native country. The color red, for instance, is symbolic of happiness in Chinese culture. That’s why it is often used as the theme color in wedding decorations and dressing. 

You can also include art pieces such as paintings, sculptures, and furniture that reflect your cultural heritage. This gives your wedding a unique and colorful touch that will leave a lasting impression. 

Incorporate Cultural Music in Your Wedding

When planning a cultural-themed wedding, your choice of music can go a long way in making your big day truly remarkable. Including traditional music from your native country allows you to pay homage to your culture and educate your guests about your traditions. More than that, it offers everyone in attendance the chance to showcase their moves on the dancefloor, which as you will agree, can make for memorable conversations long after the wedding is done. 

A Final Word

Infusing cultural elements into your wedding can completely transform your wedding day from a special occasion to a truly unforgettable one. By following the tips and recommendations highlighted in this article, you will make your wedding a memorable event for generations to come.

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