Ways to Jazz Up Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner


Planning a rehearsal dinner is arguably one of the trickiest wedding-related events. In any case, you have to choose between a wide range of settings to make the night before the wedding a memorable and successful one. 

With all your relatives and friends in town, ready to join the celebrations, coming up with a unique rehearsal dinner idea can be overwhelming – this is where your creativity comes into play. The good news is that wedding rehearsal dinners do not have to be big and formal. You can make it fun and memorable without rivaling the wedding itself. With that said, here are a few wedding rehearsal dinner tips that you can use to organize an exclusive and successful event.

Skip formal meals

If you want your wedding rehearsal dinner to be unique and feel different, then consider getting rid of the formalities. Start by dropping the word “dinner” and switching up the meals. After all, a wedding rehearsal does not have to be a dinner. 

The essence of the event is to meet up with your besties and loved ones to get extra face time before your big day. Spending time with you is more important to your guests, meaning your wedding rehearsal does not have to culminate with a formal dinner. You can opt for simple meals like a brunch or dessert hour to make this occasion stand out. 

Moreover, making your wedding rehearsal simple means you do not have to stay out all night entertaining your guests. The less pressure involved ensures that you get enough rest before your wedding.

Organize a cocktail hour

Another way to jazz up your wedding rehearsal party is to organize a cocktail hour in an outdoor space like a park or even your backyard. With formal meals out of the way, serving a variety of cocktail hour favorites with food trucks can make your rehearsal chic and classy. Alternatively, you can consider serving lobster rolls, kebabs, arancini, and other grabs if food trucks are not your cup of tea. 

If the weather doesn’t look good, there’s always a way out. You can set up a tent with lots of beautiful lights to make your party fun, exciting, and memorable. The whole point is to make the occasion look much less like a wedding and more of a celebration with friends and family. You can achieve this effortlessly by making things less formal.

Add an activity to your wedding rehearsal party

Incorporating an activity into the event can help differentiate between your wedding rehearsal party and the actual wedding. Dancing, board games, and fun tournaments are a few activities you can include in the rehearsal to make it less formal. Make sure that you have activities that encourage everyone to participate. 

Playing cards or a softball game is an excellent way to jazz up the event while enjoying a casual vibe with friends and family. You can also decide to host a pool, beach, or backyard BBQ party with a handful of people designated as cooks instead of hiring a catering company to do the cookout.

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