Tips to Announce Your Engagement


Deciding to tie the knot is one of the most exciting achievements in life. In any case, you’ll be leaving the singles club as you plan to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate. But after all the excitement has fizzled out, it’s time to announce your engagement to family and friends. 

Announcing an engagement can be tricky, but we are here to help with our proven dos and don’ts tips. Below are engagement announcement tips that you can consider as you get down to the business of planning your wedding.

Take time to know your fiancé

Of course, you already know your fiancé-to-be. However, if you are yet to propose to your lover, you should find out more about them to avoid rude surprises when the time to pop the question arrives. If your fiancé is an extrovert, popping the question in a public space like a park or restaurant might turn out to be the ultimate proposal. Introverts may prefer a quieter or more private place, and creating a romantic atmosphere at home before proposing might do the trick for them.

Savor the moment

As excited as you might be, do not make the mistake of calling your loved ones right away to announce your engagement. Instead, you and your lover should focus on having some downtime to savor the moment. Your loved ones and people you haven’t informed yet may persistently call you to send their congratulatory messages. They may mean well, but your phone won’t stop ringing, subsequently denying you and your betrothed quality time together.

Prioritize who to call first

There’s that relative who wants to be the first to know everything that happens in the family. In most cases, they get offended when they hear the news from someone else. If you can’t convince your parents to hold off on spreading the word, then you should consider informing them first. Prioritize your call list in a specific order that includes your closest friends and family. 

Schedule your social media posts

Do not be too quick to announce your engagement on social media before informing your immediate family. News spreads so fast on the web, and you can never tell who will know. The good news is that you have maximum control of how your social media posts portray you on the web, meaning you can make sure that your uploads say what, when and how you want it.

Avoid oversharing

Another engagement announcement tip you cannot ignore is oversharing. As much as announcing an engagement is exciting and you want to tell the world, avoid oversharing. Not everyone is engaged, and you might sense some jealousy creeping in even from your closest friends and relatives. With this in mind, it is best to keep the specifics to a minimum.

Make sure your decisions are well thought out

Patience is a virtue to consider even when planning to announce your engagement. Do not jump the gun no matter how thrilled you both are. Overexcitement can cause you to make rash decisions, which you could regret later. Instead, speak less about the wedding and keep the details to a minimum to avoid any unforeseen disappointments. Also, do not ask people inadvertently to attend your yet-to-be-planned wedding.

Wind up with professional engagement photos

An engagement is, in most cases, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and there’s no better way to cherish the moments than to wind up the occasion with a photo session. After spreading the word to your closest friends and relatives, consider having professional engagement photos taken to help you savor the moment.

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