Fun Ideas for a Bachelor Party You’ll Actually Like


When it comes to getting married, it’s a huge next step in someone’s life. But before that happens, there’s one tradition that must be carried out first: the bachelor party.

The bachelor party in America is pictured as typically involving often regrettably large amounts of alcohol and a very late night out that carries over into the morning.

Instead of doing that, you could do something awesome that will make memories that you’re talking about for years to come.

Check out these fun bachelor party ideas that are actually going to contribute to making a good time. Don’t do the same old thing– it’s been done.

Now is your chance to come up with a fun and even unique bachelor party. One that won’t get the bride or the person saying “I do” mad at the other one– another bonus.

A bachelor party is that last hurrah. The time where everyone comes together and makes an effort to have an awesome time with pals. It is a time where you are not yet married, yet anticipating and preparing for that upcoming chapter of your life. It’s a happy time, but also a time to enjoy yourself!

Some people like to party, while others are going to have an amazing time at a planned wine tasting or sipping brandy out of the appropriate glass while nursing a fine cigar. Some people like to focus their parties around food, or locales, like a cabin in the woods.

Everyone’s tastes are different, and one hobby or activity to one group may totally be a hit while another group may not see the appeal at all. We’re giving you a wide variety of options so that you can get some great ideas that you may not have thought of yet.

Check them out and see if any spark your interest!

The Mini Vacation

Take two or three days and nights and pick a place. It can be close by or the type of place you go to by plane. Listen up here: Vegas has been done to death, so only visit if it is an absolute must. (That being said, Vegas is always going to make a memorable trip and is worth a shot if everyone’s into it.)

Take a trip to the place that you all will be most psyched about. Research activities and things to do as well as places to eat that you’d want to go to beforehand. This part’s important– make those reservations and bookings early so that you know you’ll have somewhere to stay and places to eat with no problem!

The ATV Experience

Never been on a four-wheeler with your friends? Getting married is the perfect reason to get out there and try it. Let’s face it, your forever partner may not be as interested in hopping onto an ATV along with you– particularly if they’re avoiding injury before the big day. While she may not want to risk her bones, you may have the thrill of your life riding along with pals along with potentially awesome settings of nature all around you. Search for places near you or in the location you’ll be visiting!

Relaxing Massages

It doesn’t matter who you are– if you’re okay with touch, and you like massage, then an exquisite massage can be an amazing experience. Work this into your bachelor party weekend in some way with the right timing, and this could be one relaxing, rejuvenating, and just nice part of a party that everyone will really love. Who is going to walk away saying that they hated the wonderful, calming massage they just got from a trained masseuse? No one, that’s who.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a restrained and dare we say elevated bachelor party activity to partake in that will combine having fun with getting a little bit sauced.

If your friends appreciate good wine and you’ve got some options, book a wine tasting. These are great ways to become familiar with new wines and vineyards. You may learn something new about wine or about the people that you’re with.

Cabin Weekend

Some pals, a cabin, a fireplace, some food and beverages brought along, and nature all around? That’s going to be one solid bachelor party.

Forget the city– people are choosing to go rustic for a party that the bachelor himself will not soon forget. Bring everything that you guys love. Whether it’s setting up the Die Hard movie so that everyone can watch it together or bringing along matching shirts that bear the photo of the man getting married, there’s no wrong way to celebrate.

Unless you leave the door open and a bear gets in. Don’t leave the doors open just in case so your pal can make it to the big day in one piece.

Final Thoughts

Some things to skip on your celebration planning: rock climbing, jumping out of a plane, the standard bar crawl, the presence of a woman at the party that is not a relative or trusted friend of the bride-to-be (or at least check beforehand if doing so), flying out of the country, and getting blackout drunk.

The bachelor party of yesteryear was great– but maybe it’s just not for everyone anymore. The important thing to focus on is doing things that the bachelor can enjoy, but also that everyone present can also enjoy. For instance, if people attending are vegan or vegetarian, the steak house may be a little excessive. Or they may be cool with it, who knows? It never hurts to check.

Be safe, have fun, and try to refrain from live streaming the party on social media. That way, you and the bachelor in question will no doubt have a great time as you celebrate this momentous event. Remember, the less you post, the more everyone is going to imagine that you had a great time.

Then you can come back and upload some photos and deliver the proof. Get ready to send your bud to get married in style and have some fun doing it! Thanks for reading all about our fun bachelor party ideas. Now get planning!

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