Tips for an At-Home Engagement Photoshoot


Getting engaged to the love of your life is one of life’s most glorious moments, and it is no surprise that many people throw parties or go for special photoshoots to celebrate their engagement before they have their wedding and get married. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, at-home photoshoots have become the in-thing. As many couples have found out, doing your pre-wedding photo sessions at home, surrounded by your own furniture and personally curated backgrounds results in more intimate and memorable experiences all around.

If you’re wondering how to get started, the following engagement photoshoot tips can serve as an inspiration:

Get the Outfits Sorted Out Prior

Nothing sucks more for a photographer than having to wait for a client to pick their fits in the middle of a shoot. So, try to have at least 3 of your favorite outfits ready just in case you need a change. While at it, try to keep things simple – fancy clothes look super tacky on a home photoshoot. For instance, if you normally wear casual clothes, don’t think of going formal for the session. Sticking to your usual style makes for more relaxed, intimate, and therefore, real photos.

Follow the Light

Yeah, there are all sorts of ring lights in the market today, but using them will make your photos look ‘manufactured’, which is probably what you’re trying to avoid. Instead, set up where there’s a lot of natural light, either from the sun or the moon. If none of the rooms give you that, don’t be afraid to take it outdoors or to the balcony.

Watch Your Back(drop) 

What’s the essence of doing a home photoshoot if the background doesn’t look like home? Ideally, your backdrops should feature homely items like flowers, your favorite art pieces, and your best furniture piece. When placed correctly, these details give the eventual photos more authenticity and also serve to remind you of your current personal tastes in the future.

Keep Things Natural

As every photographer will tell you, remaining relaxed and cozy through your photo session is the best way to get the most genuine, and therefore, memorable shots. Simply put, don’t do the usual cliche poses as they make it all seem staged. Instead, think of all the activities you and your partner like to engage in and then factor them into your session.

For instance, if you like playing board games, bring them out and tell the photographer to snap you at your happiest moment. You can also have shots taken while you’re playing your favorite musical instrument, eating a snack, or even cuddling. Knowing that you were genuinely having fun when the photos were taken will make them even more special to you when you are looking back at the whole thing in the future.

Use Social Media for Inspiration

If you are still stuck at where to start, which is understandable considering engagements don’t happen every day, you can check out popular couples’ pages on Instagram and Pinterest to see how they made things work. The latter is particularly rich in similar content and is pretty easy to navigate.

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