Treating Your Employees to a Yacht Cruise


With just a few months left till the year ends, it is certainly an opportune time to start brainstorming how to reward your high-performing employees for a job well done. While there is nothing wrong with going for the cliché dinners (aside from a little boredom), you can choose to take a more unique approach of booking a yacht charter cruise to celebrate the milestones that your employees have helped your company achieve this year.

Why Company-Wide Events Are Beneficial

During the day-to-day operations of your business, your employees spend all their time in the office or in the field accomplishing numerous tasks such as making and receiving calls, attending meetings, making deliveries, and responding to client’s emails. This environment does not provide a perfect atmosphere for the team-building activities, which are necessary for your staff to work in a more integrated and efficient way. In fact, work-related stress and intense schedules can lead to conflict between employees and high-ranking management officials, thus leading to lowered productivity in the office.

The good news, however, is that there is a very easy fix for these problems. Company-wide events such as gateways and yacht cruises provide your employees with the opportunity to socialize and get to know each other outside of the highly stressful and hectic office environment. These informal company events can go a long way in creating chemistry among your employees, which ultimately improves the overall productivity of your organization. In addition to this, company-wide events also give your staff the space to reflect on the accomplishments of the year and come up with new ideas on how to meet your business objectives and move the company forward.

Why Choose a Luxury Yacht Cruise?

Now that you understand the benefit of informal corporate events, it is obvious why a luxury yacht cruise is the best end-of-year reward that you should give your employees. If this is an option you are strongly considering, then look no further. We have a large fleet of yachts for you to choose from for your company’s next corporate getaway. 

Our highly sophisticated luxury yachts are fully equipped with state-of-the-art accommodation facilities and attractive packages, which include delicious meals prepared by some of the most renowned chefs. Our captains are also friendly and dedicated to ensuring that all your employees enjoy a memorable and enjoyable cruise.

Enjoy the Sights and Sounds of New York

Our company is based in New York City and regardless of where your business operates from, your employees will without a doubt be mesmerized by a luxury cruise of the New York Harbor. In addition to the fresh breeze and relaxing accommodation, this cruise gives you the chance to enjoy some of the breathtaking sights and sounds around New York.

More Than Just a Charter Yacht Cruise

We provide more than just a luxury yacht and a captain to sail you around New York Harbor. Our team comprises numerous professionals working in various sections of the hospitality industry, so you are guaranteed to have a truly memorable experience.

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