How Many Bridesmaids Are Too Much?


Wedding planning is undeniably fun and exciting, and choosing a bridal party is the most thrilling part of it all. Your bridal team will most likely consist of your family and close friends. However, it is not possible to include all your female friends in the bridal party, mostly because of financial constraints. This brings us to the big question – how many bridesmaids are too much?

Well, the number of people that make up your bridal party is utterly up to you. In essence, you can have as many people as possible to be your bridesmaids. The following are some points to consider when setting up your bridal party.

Choose your bridesmaids according to the size of the wedding

There are no rules or regulations that determine the number of bridesmaids that form your bridal party. However, you should select your bridal team depending on the size of your wedding. A large wedding should essentially have more bridesmaids, although this is not attached to any matrimony rules. As such, you can choose as many or as few bridesmaids as you wish. For instance, if your wedding has over 3,000 guests, it is only logical that you have a large bridal party to match the size of the event.

It is not a must to match your bridesmaids and groomsmen

As you may have noticed, most wedding planners prefer to match the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Many guests love to see a groomsman and a bridesmaid matching side by side since it heightens the mood of the party. Nevertheless, there is no law that dictates that it is a must to have an equal number of attendants in your bridal party.

Only select people you want

There is always immense pressure to include everyone in your bridal team. However, you should not select anyone who you do not want in your bridesmaids’ party, since this is purely a celebration of love between you and your partner. 

With this in mind, selecting someone to form part of your team should be an honor; no one should have a sense of entitlement to be part of your bridal team. You should therefore select people that you want and that you feel deserve to be in the team rather than feeling pressured to invite people who may not be worthy, just to make others happy. After all, you are the one calling the shots during your big day.

You can have a wedding without bridesmaids

Although this might seem unreasonable, it is perfectly okay to have a wedding without bridesmaids. There is nothing wrong with having a wedding without a bridal party. In any case, having a unique wedding can make your big day memorable. If you feel that none of your close family members, friends, or relatives is the ideal fit for the task, you can decide to plan your wedding without any bridesmaids or groomsmen in tow. Trust us. Your wedding will still be awesome without a large team. Even though some guests may not be excited to come to a wedding without maids, their view does not really matter – the wedding is yours, not theirs.


The number of attendants you can have in your bridal party entirely depends on your preferences. There are no fast rules as far as choosing your bridal team is concerned. Whether you decide to have many or few or even none at all is upon you. In the end, it is your big day and you only need to follow your heart.

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