Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas


Wedding invitations, especially from people you love, will equal parts excite and disconcert you. When the exciting thoughts of a new couple in your close circles wear off, you will be left dealing with the uncertainties of fitting the wedding date into your schedule, picking an outfit for the day, and most importantly, getting a nice gift for the couple. 

Unless you are really close to the prospective couple and know their tastes and preferences, the latter will be even more daunting. Basically, you will be trying to balance your desire to get a lavish and acceptable gift with your natural concern for your bank account. Many people, especially those who receive last-minute invitations, find themselves panicking and reconsidering their acceptance of the invitation. 

If buying wedding gifts fills you with dread, you are at the right place. But before we look at the gift ideas, it is important to mention that the most important thing to do when presented with a late wedding invite is to avoid panicking. Unnecessary worries will cloud your judgment and further reduce your ability to decide on an acceptable gift. Instead, take note of the remaining time and try as much as possible to have your gift ready at least three days to the D-day. 

Read through our list of relatively affordable and practical last-minute wedding gift ideas and you’ll definitely find one (or two) gifts to go with.


In our digitized world, cash money is now considered “old school” and many people will balk at the thought of carrying cash to the store, let alone to a wedding party. In an actual sense, however, cash is arguably the simplest yet effective wedding gift. In fact, money has been used as a gift in all sorts of ceremonies across the world for the longest time, so don’t hesitate to present it if you can’t figure out a suitable gift. 

Whatever their tastes, the newlyweds will most certainly appreciate a few extra bucks as they start their life together. Just remember to wrap it up in a creative but classy gift card accompanied by a lovely, heartfelt message. 

Matching Outfits

What screams #CoupleGoals more than wearing matching attires? Exactly, nothing. Therefore, consider gifting your hosts with some nice matching outfits (preferably shirts or hoodies) to celebrate their love. If possible, stick to their favorite colors and squeeze in some creative embroideries or their names.

Spa Treatment

Planning for a wedding is a very stressful and frustrating affair and at the end of it all, the newlyweds will be desperately craving some relaxation and pampering. So why not make their wishes come true by arranging for them to be picked up and pampered at a classy spa. To further sweeten the deal, have them choose the day and time of the session.

Wedding Photo Frame

Digital photo galleries may be the rage at the moment but there are still a lot of people who prefer to store their wedding photos in frames and photo albums – just like in the good old days. Irrespective of your hosts’ ages, a classy, colorful photo frame will definitely catch their fancy and they will probably remember you every time they see the photo(s) in the frame.

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