Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding


Flowers are to a wedding what salt is to food. They not only complement the festivities, but may also serve as the focal point of the day’s decor.

Considering how important wedding floral arrangements are in many cultures, it is not surprising that many prospective couples have a hard time choosing the right flowers. The fact that there are ever so many styles and colors to choose from doesn’t help matters either. 

If you have no idea of where to start with buying flowers for your upcoming wedding, here are a few tips that will help you get started.

Decide On A Budget

Before you go to the market (or Pinterest), you need to have an idea of how much you want to spend. That way, you will not waste time checking out flower types and themes that you won’t be able to buy anyway. 

Moreover, you will find a floral item for any amount you wish to spend. If you have a fairly large budget, for instance, you will be spoilt for choice by all the ornate and elegant pieces in the market. However, if your finances are a bit constrained, you will find a good number of low-cost floral sets that prioritize the “green” look over the more elaborate schemes while still remaining classy. 

Work With a Professional Florist

Planning for a wedding is always a hectic and stressful affair and even finding enough time to shop around for flowers may be a hassle. Yet, getting the right floral fit for your big day, especially if you’ve never done something similar before, is a process that can take several weeks or even months on end. 

To make the entire process simpler and less stressful, you may want to enlist the services of an experienced wedding florist. For one, they will come with better and more practical ideas on everything, from the exact flowers to buy to the specific arrangements for different parts of the venue. Some florists also have good relationships with flower shops and may even help you get some great deals. 

Look Up Different Ideas

If you are having trouble deciding on the type of flowers to buy, consider looking for some inspiration from online resources like Pinterest and Instagram, or from any of your close friends who recently had a wedding. If you have a bit of time to spare, you can browse through top-shelf wedding magazines or watch a few TV wedding shows to see how different arrangements and themes work in real life.

Understand the Basics

While you don’t exactly need to join a class to know about floral types and arrangements, having a bit of knowledge on the same will come in handy when you get to the stores. So, if all you know about flowers is what you learned in science class, consider doing some thorough research (particularly on festive floral designs) online before visiting a flower shop. It will certainly help you articulate your ideas much better. 

Roll With The Season

Many people tend to use flowers that are in season – you should probably consider doing the same. Not only are in-season flowers easier to find (and thus cheaper) but they will also fit naturally within the overall wedding environment, creating an effortlessly classy allure. 

Of course, there is no law or tradition that says you have to use in-season flowers in your wedding decor. You are therefore free to use other types of flowers if you so wish.

Match Your Color Scheme

Long before you even start thinking about flowers, you will have decided on a color scheme or theme for your event. And if the time comes for choosing wedding flowers and you can’t figure out the flowers to go for, you can simply look for those that complement or match your color scheme. Fortunately, a lot of flowers, including roses, carnations, and dandelions often come in different colors so you don’t have to worry about leaving out your favorites.

In Summary

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding can significantly improve the overall atmosphere and enhance all the other aspects of decor. As such, you need to be very informed and purposeful in your selections to avoid mismatches and disappointments. Following the above tips will undoubtedly improve your chances of success. 

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