Celebrating Your Child’s Sweet 16 on a Yacht


Every girl dreams of having a perfect birthday celebration when they turn 16. Its importance is like that of their wedding or college graduation. The milestone signifies an important stage in their life, which is the transition into young adults. Teenagers like to call this period “sweet sixteen”, which is also the theme of many teen movies.

That is why it should be equally important to parents who would want their daughters to have the best experience. However, planning the most memorable sweet sixteen birthday celebration is not an easy task. You have to cater to friends who may want to attend, as well as select the best theme, meals, drinks, and outfits for family members. 

The venue is another crucial part. Not many girls can say they had a yacht as their sweet 16 birthday venue. A perfectly themed, starlit night on a yacht can be an unforgettable moment. This is why you need to give your daughter a birthday treat in one of our exclusive yacht charters available for all seasons.

We will make your daughter’s dream come true by decorating the yacht according to your specifications and taste. Let your daughter experience the glimmer as she sails along the evening New York skyline with her friends.

We have a number of yacht sizes for you to choose from. You will get to select one that caters to the number of guests attending the birthday celebration. We offer on-site services, which include cleaning, catering, security, and entertainment. We are proud to have the best staff to tend to your needs during your daughter’s big day.

For more information about our services and offers, feel free to give us a call or send a mail. We would be glad to help.

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