When Not To Wear Your Engagement Ring


You said yes! Mainly because you love your fiancé…but to be honest, who would reject a shiny piece of jewelry? It’s therefore understandable why you may never want to take your ring off.  However, knowing when to take it off for safekeeping is important. 

Here are 7 instances where you shouldn’t wear your engagement ring to ensure it remains dazzling for many years to come!

When taking a shower or applying lotion

Showering with your ring on exposes it to chemicals from soap, which can form foggy films that can damage it. The same applies to body lotion. Even though the effects may not be instant, continuously showering or applying body lotion with your ring on will eventually make it lose its glitter. Beware! Hand sanitizers can also rob your ring of its glitter. Best wait until you are through with your bath before sliding back your engagement ring.

When you are the Gym

Most engagement rings are made from delicate metals, making them susceptible to damage when subjected to physically demanding activities. For instance, the chances of misshaping your ring while lifting weights are high. Even yoga is no haven for your ring – it could bend or snap when you are performing complex poses that involve putting over 100 pounds of body weight on a tiny circle of metal. Working out with your ring on also exposes you to ring avulsion.                          

When you are at the beach or swimming

Take off your ring before Swimming! If it doesn’t slip while you are swimming, it certainly won’t escape corrosion and discoloration from saltwater and chlorine. The beach poses even more threats to it; sand grains can tamper with the edges of the ring whereas exposure to sunscreen chemicals may diminish its brilliance.

When cooking

No one fancies bacterial infections. Bacteria can lodge under your ring while you are handling food substances. Ensure your ring is off when cooking to keep bacteria at bay. Additionally, take care not to drop your ring while washing utensils.

When wearing gloves

It’s not ideal to wear your ring when you have gloves on. Medical practitioners who wear latex risk bending the prongs on their rings when they get attached to the latex. On the other hand, gardening gloves can pull off your ring when you are taking them off. Ski gloves aren’t ideal either. The cold weather conditions may shrink your ring, increasing the chances of it getting lost while you’re removing the gloves.

When damaged

Your ring can get spoiled due to wear and tear, exposure to chemicals, among other reasons. A damaged ring may have any of these characteristics – change in size, rough edges, or formation of rust.  As soon as you realize that something is amiss, don’t take chances, have it fixed by a competent jeweler. Wearing it while it’s damaged could worsen an otherwise easy fix.

When uninsured

Your engagement ring has both financial and sentimental value. As such, it is essential to look for a reputable jewelry insurance company to protect it against theft, damage, or loss. 


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