The Holidays Are Engagement Season

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The coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on the entire calendar year and even forced people to spend the entire summer locked up indoors for the first time in an ‘eternity’. Nonetheless, as the holiday season edges closer and talks of a vaccine roll-out increase in frequency and seriousness, many people are looking to have the fun they missed the entire year. And with the end-year holidays being the time when most weddings and engagements are held, it goes without saying that this year’s engagement numbers will be massive. 

New York City—with its majestic sights and sounds, is arguably the most romantic place in the country and consequently the best backdrop for a surprise engagement. I mean, does it get more romantic than celebrating your engagement on a yacht sailing across the New York harbor with the breeze engirdling all your senses? 

Why is December Such a Popular Time for Proposals? 

Here are some key factors that make the December holidays such a good month for marriage proposals:

Extended Vacation Time 

The end-year holidays are longer than any other, running from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. For people looking to engage their partners, the extra days of vacation, and the prospects of spending some time with family members and close friends only make December more attractive to pop the ring…and the big question. And if the engagement goes through, you can steal a few days off for a romantic getaway, perhaps between Christmas and New Year’s Days. 

Family Moments

Most families hold at least one festive get-together during the December holidays and if you are a family person, the thoughts of celebrating your engagement with all your family members present may be very tempting. And really, no other time of the year will offer you a similar opportunity as all the mid-year holidays are short and not worth traveling for, for most people. 

Wide Range of Romantic Activities to Partake In

Scheduling your proposal around the holiday season gives you a richer array of romantic scenarios to choose from in regards to the venue, scenes, and places. For instance, you may decide to pop the question on a sleigh ride in the mountains, or during a night stroll on the magnificent NYC harbor. If you’re feeling really romantic, you can go all out and plan a surprise engagement party aboard a luxury yacht in NYC. 

Longer Engagement Period

From a wedding planning perspective, a December engagement is highly beneficial as it gives you more time, and leeway, to plan for the wedding. At this time, you’re allowed to give a curt “next year” as an answer whenever someone asks about the wedding date, which basically gives you the entirety of the coming year to plan for your big day. What more, you can book all your venue and vendors in advance, and take advantage of discounted rates and flexible scheduling.

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