Why Yachts Work Well for Business Meetings

business meetings on a private yacht charter nyc

As you work on your upcoming company events, try to think outside the box when it comes to choosing venues. Really, boardroom and conference-room meetings are played out at this point, and holding your event in these settings will only increase the collective boredom in your team. Instead, gravitate towards off-site meetings that will not only give your staff and clients a needed change of scenery but also get them to open up their minds and give them a new perspective of their jobs.

Why Hold a Business Meeting on a Chartered Yacht?

It may not be a commonly accepted thing, but holding a business meeting on a yacht is a surefire way to make the most of your budget and get the most out of your guests. And if, for instance, you decide to go on a NYC cruise, the dedicated event planners that come with every booking will significantly reduce your workload when it comes to planning and organization.

Further, nothing will excite and rejuvenate your guests faster than a luxurious cruise along the magnificent bay and as you know, an exuberant atmosphere will make everyone pliant and more receptive of your words and suggestions.

Added Flexibility

Hosting a meeting in a standard hotel hall doesn’t leave you with much room for experimentation in terms of food, scenery, and themes. A yacht charter, on the other hand, puts you firmly in control of the menus, on-board activities, and even the location of the meeting, seeing as you can dictate how the yacht moves. You will also be able to control who attends and leaves your meeting thanks to the inaccessibility of a yacht once it hits the waters. Most importantly, a yacht cruise can help you unlock a new range of team-building activities far from the usual land-based ones, which will in turn keep your team more motivated and united.

Very Affordable

Renting a decent conference room, especially in venues in and around major cities like NYC, is quite expensive, especially for smaller businesses. Contrary to popular belief, hosting a yacht party is relatively cheaper, especially when you consider all the vibes and amenities that come with it. And even when the costs are comparable, the benefits aren’t, seeing as you stand to gain more from a floating meeting than from one held in a conference hall.

A Sense of Luxury and Class

Taking your employees and clients on a yacht cruise will not only impress upon them your sheer class and sophistication but will also leave them feeling appreciated and pampered. In return, they will pay more attention to your addresses and also work harder to impress you. And if you book one of our cruise trips, our staff will handle every aspect of the event, leaving you free to bond and interact with your guests to your heart’s desire. 

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