What Do You Give To Guests At a Wedding?

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It is customary – in most cultures, anyway – to gift newly wedded couples with items and sometimes, cash, to jump-start their married life. In fact, it is almost an expectation that guests invited to a wedding have to carry gifts.
The very thought of a newlywed couple giving out tokens and gifts to their guests is almost unheard of in the contemporary world. The practice, however, has been around for centuries and is increasingly making it’s way to modern marriage culture.
Wedding favors, as they are commonly referred to, are basically small gifts given to all, or a select number of wedding guests as a gesture of goodwill and appreciation from the newlyweds. Unlike wedding gifts that are almost always given at the reception ceremonies, wedding favors can be given out at any time, including at bridal showers, at the wedding ceremony itself and even at bachelorette/bachelor parties.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Favors

When choosing what type of favors to extend to your wedding guests, consider the following factors:

  • Does it reflect who you are as a couple?
  • Will the guests enjoy it?
  • How does it fit within your budget constraints? (You don’t want to crash your budget over something that’s not a must)
  • Will you be able to shop for, assemble, and send out all the favors within the wedding timelines?

The Best Wedding Favor Ideas

If you are still undecided on how to appreciate your guests, here are some gift ideas that will most probably do the job:

  1. Candy – The love for sweet things is universal, and a few candy treats will surely bring joy to your guests.
  2. Novelties – They may not be that much useful, but novelties make for very eccentric and sentimental gifts. 
  3. Bubbles – Bring out the fun and magic in your night parties with electric bubble packs. 
  4. Candles – They are not only good plan Bs when the lights go out, but also help to create sensual, calming and/or tranquil ambience. Just make sure to throw in the right mix of colors and flavors to suit your guests’ tastes.
  5. Goodie Bags – Don’t let your esteemed guests stress on how to carry all the little treats you award them. Hand out some colorful goody bags as well to complete the lot.

How Much Should You Spend on Wedding Favors?

Really, there’s no straightforward answer to that question as everyone has a different budget. It is, however, a common standard to budget between $2-$3 per guest for the favors. Of course, you may have to go lower than that if you have a large guest list, so don’t hesitate to do so just to keep up with convention.

Do You Have to Give Wedding Favors?

Yeah, wedding favors are a heart-warming token of appreciation for the people who took their valuable time and money to get ready for, and attend your ceremony, but they are not really mandatory. They are, nonetheless, a good idea if you have some extra bucks to spend. And even if your budget is a bit tight, there are still lots of budget-friendly options you can consider, so don’t let that stop you if you really want to treat your guests! 

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