The Benefits of Renting a Private Charter

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When planning a corporate event, or any kind of party for that matter, the last thing you want it to be is ordinary. You want to create a lasting memory not only for yourself (depending on how important the event is to you) but also for your guests as well.
Obviously, one way to have an extraordinarily memorable event is to hold it outside the confines of tradition and normality. In particular, steer clear of ordinary venues such as hotel gardens and local town halls, and go for unique options instead. One great out-of-the-box option is to rent a private charter for your event. Seeing how rare that is, you can be sure that your event will live long in the memories of everyone who attends.

What Kinds of Events Can Be Held in A Private Yacht Charter

Events that can be held in a chartered private boat include: weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties and corporate events. Further, hosting more formal events, such as AGMs and business meetings on private yacht charters potentially increases the productivity of the meetings and leaves better impressions in the minds of attendees.

Benefits of Holding A Boat Charter Event 

As mentioned above, having your event or meeting aboard a chartered boat gives (most of) your guests an entirely new kind of experience and makes the whole event unforgettable to them. And it doesn’t stop there. Other potential benefits include:

You Get Help With Logistics 
A boat charter comes with a full ensemble of staff who will be at hand to help you not only prepare for the event but also entertain your guests. You won’t have to constantly keep checking whether the bar is still stocked or whether all guests have eaten – the on-board staff will do all that, leaving you to focus on more important matters. 

Added Privacy 

Unlike a hotel or town hall events, a boat charter event is only accessible to invited guests and selected staff members. There is minimal chance of gate crashers or malicious attendees ruining the party. 

It Is A More Economical Option 

Considering all the exclusive features and benefits it provides, chartering a private yacht is in most cases cheaper than hiring a venue with similar facilities and exclusivity. 

It Offers a Relaxing Atmosphere

For most people, the sights and sounds of moving water create for a physiologically relaxing experience that can positively affect moods and tempers. This is an especially important point to consider if you are hosting a business meeting where a clash of heads is likely to happen. 

The Environment Promotes Socializing

Being in a luxury cruise is a refreshing experience that would make most people amiable and hence more sociable. The limited floor space also creates a camaraderie that prompts people to talk to each other and network. All this makes boat charter events an amazing choice for business meetings and family get-togethers. 


Holding events in hotels and halls is so old-fashioned and boring. Ramp up the productivity and excitement factors of your next event by holding it on a chartered yacht, and you will never look at land-based venues the same way ever again!

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