How Long Does It Take to Plan a Wedding? (Part 2)

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The Final Stages of Wedding Planning

Welcome to our second, and last, part of our collection of wedding planning tips. The first part, which you can read HERE, covered the planning from 12 or more months away to 6 months before the wedding. This edition covers the remainder of the process, typically from 6 months out to the D-day itself.

Time Until Wedding: 4-6 Months

The period between 6 and 4 months from the wedding is informally known as the highway period, as it’s the time when preparations get, or should get, into high gear. 
In essence, you should start preparing for the wedding rehearsal and the ensuing dinner. You should also get your dress fittings done at this time to allow enough room for corrections in case of unsatisfactory fits.
It is also recommended that you send your official invitations at this period to give your prospective guests adequate time to respond to the same. Other things to sort out at this window include:

  • Pre-wedding counseling. 
  • Selection and purchase of the wedding rings. 
  • Conceptualization of the entire ceremony, starting with transport to the venue, hair and makeup appointments, and seating arrangements. 
  • Final selection and orders of wedding party outfits and wedding favors

Time Until Wedding: 2-4 Months

At this late stage, there are some things that you must do, which include writing the vows, brainstorming on, and making orders for “incidentals”. These are basically contingency items such as emergency wedding bands, equipment damages, etc. Other optional, but important things you may want to make plans for include:

  • Picking and dispatch arrangements for the wedding gifts
  • Dance lessons for the wedding party
  • A wedding announcement in mass media

As you hurtle towards the big day, the pressure will inadvertently get to you. Therefore, throwing in a bit of exercise and some laughs into your daily routine will help lower your stress levels.

Time Until Wedding: One Month

From this stage onwards, it’s all about taking care of the small, yet vital details that can make the approaching ceremony either a failure or a great success. With one month remaining, you need to, among others:

  • Submit an application for the marriage license
  • Confirm reservations, as well as ongoing plans, with the vendors and wedding party
  • Design and order the wedding programs
  • Send out invitations for the rehearsal dinner
  • Send thank-you cards if there are some early gifts

Time Until Wedding: 1-2 Weeks

At this point, everything major should be either fully sorted out, or at an advanced stage. The remaining tasks should ideally include things like:

  • Contacting anyone who has not replied to the invitation
  • Creating the final guest list
  • Designation of an emergency kit
  • Check in with your wedding planner. If you didn’t hire a planner, consider appointing a wedding-day point person who’ll be in charge of overseeing the final preparations, from the vendor deliveries to the sitting arrangements.

Time Until Wedding: 1-3 Days

This period will mostly be eaten up by the rehearsal and the dinner afterwards, so not much planning will take place. If time allows, however, consider making final arrangements on how the vendors will be paid as well as collection of all equipment and gifts after the reception.

On The Big Day

You shouldn’t do much on your wedding as you need to live in the moment and enjoy your big day. Nonetheless, if you have a wedding planner or a point-person, they should ensure that your best man and maid of honor receive the official wedding bands and that the emergency bands are on standby. The officiant’s fee, if any, should also be given to the best man on the morning of the wedding so he can pass it on after the ceremony.

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