5 Fall Wedding Color Palette Ideas

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The social distancing measures implemented to control the coronavirus disease’s spread mean that people now have more time to plan for future events while at the comfort of their homes. As of now, many are thinking about organizing their weddings in autumn. 
One of the first things wedding planners think about is the color scheme. This is because the colors you choose affect the type of dresses, suits, and other decorations that you will have on your big day.

Suitable Color Combinations for an Autumn Wedding

If you plan to do your wedding this fall, there are plenty of color combinations to choose from, such as lilac, dove gray and orange, and so on. Here are some of the ideal color scheme ideas for couples planning to have a wedding in autumn, especially within the San Francisco area.

Violet and Lilacs

Flowers have a significant impact on the overall color scheme at your wedding. Luckily, autumn usually has plenty of floral blooms, such as dahlias, lilacs, and roses. You can use flowers with soft colors to balance the effect generated by brighter elements such as outfits and linens. You can go a step further and ask your baker to include the combinations on the wedding cake.

Red Orange and Yellow

If you want something striking and cheerful, consider getting brighter colors like red and yellow. Experts recommend using yellow in abundance and complementing it with colors like orange and red.
If your wedding is scheduled for September, the red and yellow hues can blend with the summer months.

Silver, Gray, Navy, and Cranberry

Using a pair of soft colors combined with one soft hue can also improve the color scheme at your wedding. In this regard, silver, gray, and blue usually goes well with cranberries, which often flourish during autumn.

The Brown Hues of Autumn

Brown, orange, and dark green shades can add a classic look to your wedding decor. Using gold to brighten up the color scheme never disappoints. 
You should, however, consider the venue when choosing a color scheme. Ideally, space should be flexible enough to accommodate or complement your preferences. If possible, you should also design a menu with cuisines that match Autumnal color patterns.

Use Primary Colors to Make it Casual

The best way to keep your fall wedding casual is by using primary colors such as yellow and blue. On top of this, you should try to mix it up by adding glass or metallic gold accents.

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