How to Run Productive Post-COVID Executive Meetings

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The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the business community, and many businesses have either had to close down or make comprehensive changes in their organizational structures. Suffice to say, the post-COVID world will be entirely different from the one that preceded it and rightly so.
One of the things that businesses will have to figure out is how to re-energize their executive teams and overall company units to deal with the new realities. Meetings (physical meetings at that) are an invaluable way of getting your strategy across and motivating your high level staff. Through careful and meticulous planning and scheduling, you can enhance their productivity and essentially make them more committed to the cause.

Think Outside the Office, Literally

In the midst of all the stay at home orders, total lockdowns, economic downturns and worries about the virus, lots of people are understandably uninspired and demoralized. If you run a business, getting your executive team inspired and rejuvenated should be your first priority as you seek to reopen.
Holding your corporate events and other Post-COVID meetings at a tranquil and breathtaking venue will not only work to inspire and refocus your team members, but also increase their productivity. Of course, not every hotel or conference resort qualifies to hold offsite corporate events and some venues may actually reduce productivity. To avoid disappointments, check whether a venue meets the following requirements before making a booking:
Capacity – You want a venue that has adequate space and resources to support your planned activities during and after your meetings. For instance, if every one of your execs is driving, you may want to get a place with enough parking space. Similarly, examine the lighting and audiovisual equipment available on-site if you plan on having presentations.
Accessibility – With all the travel restrictions that have come by during this period, most people will be reluctant to travel far from their areas of residence. If you want full attendance, try to book a location within your locality, or at most, an hour’s drive.
Ambiance – To get the most out of your team, you should aim to hold your high level meetings in an environment that’s relaxing and stimulating to the mind.
Amenities and Services – You want to host your execs in a place that has top notch facilities, from clean washrooms to stocked bars and wine service. Great customer service and a diverse menu are other factors you should consider when choosing venues.
Scheduling – It is in your best interest to only deal with a venue that can offer a bit of flexibility in regards to the date(s) you choose. Because, let’s face it, things change in a flicker and sometimes you may be forced to reschedule or make new reservations.

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