Team Building Ideas to Reignite Your Workforce

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The Coronavirus has brought everything to a near standstill as different states impose bans and restrictions to curb the spread of this contagious disease. 
Apparently, there’s nothing much that employers can do other than support the relevant agencies in enforcing mitigation efforts. In any case, the health of your workforce comes first, and you’ll need your employers back in good shape after this pandemic is over. 
However, you are likely to face a huge challenge rebuilding morale and reigniting productivity among staff members once the COVID-19 outbreak has passed. This is where the importance of team building activities comes into play.

How to Kick Start Your Business with Team Building Events

The venue of your team building events has a bearing on the impact of these efforts. For instance, if you choose a memorable setting such as a yacht venue, you are likely to attain optimum results. 
Here are five team-building ideas you could try out to bring your staff members closer together.

Organize a Board Game Tournament

Playing board games is not only fun but also engaging. These games can help your employees improve their social skills, think more critically and enhance their problem-solving abilities. Besides, they don’t require long hours to complete, and they are ideal for large groups, making it possible to attend to other items on your event itinerary.

Take Advantage of Sneak a Peek Memory Games

Games and fun activities such a Sneak a Peek require group participation and are a great choice for team building. They help improve workplace collaboration and problem-solving skills as nearly all the attendees have to participate in one way or the other.
The game essentially entails memorizing what one group is modeling, then describing what you’ve seen to your group members, after which they have to guess what you saw.

Offsite Improvisational Workshops

Your ability to improvise will come in handy as far as motivating your workforce is concerned. Instead of playing the usual board games or memory games, you could try out verbal improvisation such as debates or physical improvisation such as tossing invisible items from person to person. The options are almost endless as long as you are creative enough to come up with interactive activities.

Tour Local Sights and Venues

Sometimes our busy schedules do not allow us to appreciate what we have around us. By organizing a tour of your local sights and venues, your employees will be able to rebuild connections and socialize in a more relaxing environment.

Host a Karaoke Outing

Hosting karaoke nights can be a fun and exciting way to build confidence and restore enduring connections among employees. What is even more amazing is that you can turn a karaoke outing into a team-building event by dividing attendees into groups and letting them compete for a reward. The different group members will have to work as a team in order to win the top prize.
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