Easy Quick Fixes for Wedding Dress Stains

wedding dress cleaning tips

Accidents happen almost every day, with varying outcomes. However, any sort of accident on your wedding day can be devastating psychologically, if not physically and financially. And as we know, a wedding event has all the ingredients that would make a messy situation; lots of food and drinks, and makeup. It is therefore not surprising that stained clothes are the most common type of “accident” at weddings. If spilled food or makeup happens to leave a stain on your dress, here are some quick wedding dress stain tips to correct the situation:

Baby Wipes and Nylon Tights

Most deodorants contain aluminum and can leave noticeable stains on bright colored clothes. The most effective way of removing deodorant stains is by dabbing the stained spot(s) using baby wipes or makeup removal wipes. If your dress is made out of the more delicate fabrics like silk, a better alternative to the wipes would be a pair of nylon tights. They are much more gentle to the fabric, and still do a great job of clearing the stains.

Baby Powder for Greasy Stains

Greasy stains from face lotions, chocolates or oily foods are almost impossible to remove using water, or even the above method. Baby powder works perfectly fine at that. 
Just dab a bit of powder on the cloth and leave it for thirty minutes. Thereafter, use cold water to gently rinse off the baby powder, which will come out with the stain. 
For chocolate stains, you need to first scrape off all the removable bits with a blunt knife. Then scrub the remaining stain with cold, soapy water, preferably made from a dishwashing liquid.  

Sponge Away Alcohol Stains From Silk

Silk is quite sensitive and delicate, and can permanently stain from just a little alcohol spill. To prevent that, you need to spring to action immediately the spillage happens, and not wait until the liquid has been absorbed by the silk fibers. Basically, dip a clean sponge or soft cloth in warm water and then dab on the stained spot until it soaks up all the alcohol. Afterward, air the affected item out to dry.

Warm Water for Bead Stains

Some wedding dresses come adorned with beads and sequins that ostensibly serve to protect the fabric beneath them from getting stained in case of any spillages. Depending on the type of beads on your outfit, you may be reluctant to deal with the stains that fall around them due to fear that the stitches will loosen. Nonetheless, a gentle rub with a cloth damped in warm water will easily do the job. Notably, only use lukewarm water, and no hot water, as the latter can melt the glue used to stick embellishments to fabrics.

Use Baking Soda for Stains on Lace

Lace is another delicate material to which stains can stick very quickly, leading to discoloration and stiffening of the fabric. If your lace gown or blouse gets stained, remove it immediately and run some cold water on the affected area. Then, rub some baking soda into the spot and let it sit for about five minutes. 
Thereafter, rinse the cloth in cold water to remove the baking soda. Finish by dabbing the area with a soft cloth moistened in lukewarm water and several drops of detergent.

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