Wedding Gift Panic: Last Minute Ideas They’ll Love

So you’ve been invited to a wedding, and after a bit of struggle and uncertainty, you got a fitting outfit and shoes ready for the occasion. Now all you need to get is a gift for the newlyweds and you’re good to go. But then again, you don’t know their tastes or preferences, and you can’t seem to figure out an acceptable gift that won’t crush your bank account. At that point, panic hits and you almost start regretting accepting the invitation. Fortunately, we are here to help!
Buying a gift for your loved one’s wedding, whether it was spontaneous or not, should not be a big deal as long as you know what to aim for. Nonetheless, if you find yourself pressed for time, which can happen if you have a hectic life, the first thing you need to do is avoid panicking. Worrying about things that are out of your control will only interfere with your planning, creativity, and your ability to identify a great gift.
Instead, determine how much time you have and brainstorm on what ideas are practical within that time. For instance, if you have less than 3 days left, you shouldn’t put all your hopes on an item that requires shipping, unless you have some extra bucks to pay for expedited shipping. In such a case, purchasing in person would be the best option, more so as most big stores offer gift-wrapping services.
With that said, here are a couple of great wedding gift ideas that are both fully doable, and relatively affordable too:

Cash in a Card

Most people will consider presenting money as a wedding gift to be a tacky idea, but in the real sense, it has long been used as a gift in all types of ceremonies across the world. Matter of fact, the newlyweds will definitely appreciate some cash to help them start their new life together. So, if you are stuck at what to buy as a gift, just get a creative wedding-themed gift card, adorn it with a lovely, classy message for the couple, and put in some bucks and you’re good to go.

Spa Gift-Card

A day at the spa is always a good one, and more so for a newlywed couple who may need some additional relaxing time after the frantic wedding planning process. So, look around for a nice spa and arrange to get them picked and pampered at a day of their choosing.

Sleek Wedding Photo Frame

Despite the proliferation of digital photo formats, many people still choose to keep their wedding pictures the traditional way – in frames and photo albums. Look around Amazon or your favorite online shop, for a nice, high-end photo frame to help the lovely couple commemorate their big day in photographic style.

Matching Shirts

Most couples love to wear matching attires. You can, therefore, surprise your hosts with some nice matching shirts, in their favorite colors. You may choose to be more creative and print their names or add some embroideries on the shirts.

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