Boat Wedding Dresses

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The wedding dress is arguably the most important and memorable part of the wedding. However, settling on the right dress is not easy, considering the fact that there are different lengths, designs, necklines, and materials to choose from. It’s even more difficult to make a good decision if you choose to do something out of the ordinary, such as a boat or yacht wedding.
To help you along with your wedding planning, here are some ideas that you may want to consider when choosing boat wedding dresses:

The Style

For most brides, the perfect wedding dress is big, white and poufy with a long veil. But that falls along the lines of “basic” and if you’re marking your big day on a boat, the last thing you want is to look ordinary. A more form-fitted and elegant look would be sufficient.
On a boat wedding, it is advisable to stick to a nautical theme. Moreover, since you are likely to experience some form of wind while out in the waters, a form-fitted dress that won’t be easily blown away will be your best option.
If you like, you can go with a sheath or mermaid style gown. A sheath-style dress usually has a character at the top instead of the bottom. Mermaid-style dresses are form-fitted, but flare out a bit at the bottom.

For The Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids are as important as the bride in regards to the wedding theme. It is therefore important to ensure that they look good – but of course, not better than the bride. In line with the nautical theme, you may choose to go for blue dresses. Alternatively, you can remain traditional, by sticking to one hue of blue, or mixing up different hues for each of the maids.
Obviously, the length of your maids’ dresses should not be the same as yours. Ideally, they should be a bit shorter – right above the knee, to be specific. That’s short enough to suit a nautical theme but still long enough to be elegant.

Flower Girls and Ring Bearer

Your little nieces and cousins that you’ve chosen to be part of your wedding entourage should also factor in your preparations. You should, therefore, ensure they look pretty and in sync with the rest of the entourage, and if you have a ring bearer, you need him to look dapper as well.
To stick to the nautical theme, have the flower girls don light blue dresses, or white and blue ones to complement the bridal party. Alternatively, you can dress them in a blue hue that isn’t worn by the bridesmaids to make them appear a bit different, but still in line with the theme. For the ring bearer, a pure white suit would do perfectly.

Length of The Dresses

The length of your boat wedding dress tells a lot about your personal style and principles. Too short may come off as tacky and tasteless, while full-length dresses will look out of place in a boat wedding. Personally, I would suggest going for tea-length gowns, which typically end at the calf. They are elegant and classy, but most importantly, you will be able to show off your beautiful shoes.

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