Wedding Toast Giving 101

wedding toast tips

Toasting is without a doubt one of the standard wedding traditions. It is very unlikely that you will attend a wedding reception in which no toast is given. In fact, toast-giving time is usually slotted in the wedding planning process, way before the actual event. This affords the person giving the toast ample time to prepare a great speech. However, if you are a person who tends to get anxious easily, waiting to give a toast can be very agonizing.
To help you overcome this trouble, we are going to give you some tips that will help you become good at giving toasts. 
But first things first…… 

Who can give toasts at a Wedding?

In most weddings, the toast is usually given by one or several people close to the bride or groom. Usually, the best man and maid of honor are granted the opportunity to make the first speeches. The parents of the bride and groom are also allowed to make a toast, especially if they are the ones hosting the wedding. It is not uncommon for the groom to make a toast as well to thank the guests in attendance. 
If you are requested to make a toast at a wedding, you need to prepare adequately in order to know what to say and how to present it. This will prevent you from getting into an embarrassing situation at an occasion as momentous as that.

Tips on Giving a Wedding Toast

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when preparing for a wedding toast:

Draft a Short Speech Beforehand
Being requested to give a toast at a wedding is an honor which should not be taken lightly. It is reflective of a close relationship with the bride and groom. As such, you should prepare a short speech and write it down or memorize. This is to ensure you actually have something to say and will help you avoid awkwardness when it’s your turn to speak.

Introduce Yourself
When giving a toast, you should be cognizant of the fact that some guests in attendance may not know who you are. It is therefore important that you begin the toast speech by introducing yourself. You can also briefly mention your relationship with the bride and groom e.g, how you met or how long you’ve known each other. Just remember to not dwell too much on yourself. 

Keep it Short
You should keep your toast speech as brief as possible in order to not interfere with the scheduled program of activities. Ideally, you should limit your speech to between 4-5 minutes.

A wedding is a joyous and warm occasion for everyone involved so you want your demeanor to reflect that when you are giving a toast. Remember to smile genuinely when giving a toast as this will make people more receptive to what you are saying. 

Public speaking may not exactly be one of your strengths. However, by applying these tips, you will be able to articulate yourself more clearly and comfortably when giving a wedding toast.

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