Planning a Company Holiday Party?

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This year, Thanksgiving comes quite late , which means the holiday season will only be about three weeks long. As you would expect, most people will be holding their parties, get-togethers and social events within the first two weekends after Thanksgiving, as the third weekend of the holiday (near Christmas) is almost always reserved for family time.
If you are planning a company holiday party, this year’s timelines will cause a bit of a headache to you. Due to the truncated holiday season and potentially hectic social obligations among your employees and colleagues, it will be quite difficult to settle on a December date that most people will be comfortable with. But then again, it is not written in stone that holiday parties have to take place in December, is it?

Go for a Mid-week Party, or Better Yet A January Holiday Party

As we realistically have only two holiday weekends, you can bet that finding a good holiday party venue will be next to impossible, as everyone will be looking to have their events around this period. As an alternative, we suggest that you consider going outside the usual event time frames. You may consider:  

Mid-Week December Events

Most people prefer to hold their events on a weekend. This is mainly because there’s less traffic on the roads and the general atmosphere is casual and relaxed. Secondly, and most importantly, one doesn’t have to go to work with a heavy head and a massive hangover after a fun night out.
Nonetheless, all the best holiday party venues will probably be fully booked for the two weekends between 2-18th December. Seeing as there are about 11 midweek evenings in between that, it makes logistical and financial sense to have a midweek party. Apart from easy access to venues, you will also get cheaper quotes, as most venues, including our yachts, are cheaper on weekdays.

Early January Events

January is not typically known as a holiday party, which means venues and most people’s schedules start to open up after a hectic December. As a result, you will get more venues available on your preferred dates, time and locations, and the attendances will be decent too.
We particularly recommend scheduling your even for the first weekend of January for two reasons. Firstly, most venues will be available and secondly, it will be a great way to motivate your people, and get them excited for the new year

Off-Peak Events Lower Your Stress Levels and Improve the Attendance

As much as holidays are supposed to be stress-free, the holiday season tends to stress out many people. This is because one has to find time to see family and friends, shop and send gifts while still needing to stay productive at work. Thus, asking people to add your company event to their schedules will only add more chaos and stress at a time they would prefer to relax. Avoiding the crowded event season altogether is one way to reduce stress among your guests and ensure higher attendance.

Celebrate Your 2019 Achievements Kick Off 2020 on The Right Note!

A well scheduled and conveniently planned holiday party provides a perfect backdrop to celebrate your achievements, and keep your team focused and excited about the new year. You can make it even better and more fun by booking one of our yachts at Yachts For All Seasons, located in New York City. In particular, our Wine Fleet party boats are especially great for corporate events as they can host up to 350 guests.

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