Reward Your Employees With a Yacht Charter Cruise

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It’s just a few months to the end of the year, and presumably, you will be looking to reward some of your most diligent employees for their contribution to your organization’s objectives. Of course, you can choose to go the cliché way and take them out to a (boring) out of town dinner, OR drive it up a notch higher and book a yacht charter cruise.

Benefits of Company-Wide Events

During normal working days, your employees spend all the time in the office or outdoors running deliveries, at meetings, receiving calls, reading and responding to emails, etc. Such an environment is not ideal for team building. Matter of fact, hectic schedules, and work stress can cause conflicts amongst employees or between the management and their juniors.
Fortunately, we have a solution…
Corporate events, such as yacht cruises and getaways provide a perfect environment for staff members to get to know each other, and socialize outside the stressful work environment.
These periodic company-wide events are essential in creating synergy within the organization, which subsequently improves collective productivity. They also serve as judgment-free zones to analyze, and celebrate the year’s achievements and plan for the coming days.

Luxury Yacht Cruises

In light of the above sentiments on the importance of informal staff events, it is quite clear why you need to invest in an eccentric, all-encompassing event for your employees. And to that end, we’ve got you fully covered with our large fleet of luxury yachts.
Our luxury yachts come with great onboard accommodation facilities and delicious meals prepared by award-winning chefs. To top it all, all our captains are very skilled and professional, yet charismatic and interesting to be around. You and your employees are assured of a great time onboard.

Celebrate New York

We are located in New York City, and whether your business operates around the city or anywhere else in the country, your employees are definitely going to be awed by a luxury cruise of the New York Harbor.
Apart from the luxurious breeze and accommodation, the surrounding sights and sounds will create for an out of this world experience. From the yacht, you can see most of the New York high-rises and key landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, South Street Seaport, Ellis Island, and the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

More Than Just a Yacht Charter Cruise

When you book a charter cruise with us, you get more than just a yacht and a captain. We have skilled professionals (in almost all the departments in the hospitality industry), who will work with you towards creating a wonderful and unforgettable event. Whether you want a classy, luxurious evening party, a fancy yacht dinner, or even a dance party with a DJ, all you have to do is tell us in advance, and we’ll get it done! Our talented staff will help you handle all the technicalities such as arranging the menu, decor and color schemes – according to your specifications.

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