Plan Your Spring Wedding on a Yacht Cruise


Summer is exceptionally favorable for holding all sorts of outdoor events. However, when it comes to organizing a successful wedding, the refreshingly warm spring weather is more conducive than the piping-hot weather that epitomizes the summer.
If you’re planning to have your wedding in New York, you certainly want it to be fun and memorable. And what’s more extraordinary than holding your wedding on a luxury yacht?
Well, the best venue for yacht cruise weddings in the New York Bay Area is the Yachts For All Seasons. Here, the relaxing sights and sounds of the Bay serve as a perfect backdrop to your wedding.

What You Get With Yachts For All Seasons

An Ultra Romantic Setting

A wedding should ideally be the epitome of your romantic life. Unfortunately, wedding planning can be quite hectic and frustrating, which takes away a bit of the romance. It doesn’t help either that cruise wedding are not that common, and many people are apprehensive about them
However, we guarantee that the romantic allure will come naturally, as you cruise along the New York Bay.

Choose Your Boat

Every couple has their preferences as far as venue specifications, and color schemes go. We absolutely understand that, and that’s why we have invested in a fleet of yachts to meet various needs. Once you have booked a with us, you get to choose the yacht that you feel matches your event needs.

Choose Your Officiant

You will get to choose the officiant for your Yachts For All Seasons cruise wedding, without any input from us. This is because we understand that weddings are important cultural and religious events for a lot of people, and everyone has a specific clergyman or cultural leader that they would wish to preside over their wedding.
Nonetheless, if you don’t have a specific officiant, we can lend you ours! Yes, our captains are trained on, and very capable of, officiating wedding ceremonies. You can bet there’s nothing more memorable, than an all-white cruise wedding presided over by a fully uniformed captain.

Professional Assistance

Once you buy a Yachts For All Seasons wedding package, we will guide you on all aspects of planning, and handle the basic requirements. That way, your stress levels will be reduced considerably, which gives you ample time to focus on things that really matter. Sounds good, right?

Yachts For All Seasons: The Leading Event Service in The New York Bay Area!

Your wedding venue basically sets the tone for the ceremony, and that’s why it’s crucial to get it right. With Yachts For All Seasons, you get access to the most sought after event venue in the New York Bay Area. Contact us for a free quote! Happy Wedding Planning.

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