Book Your 2019 Holiday Party Now


Corporate holiday parties are best held during fall and winter seasons, as they arguably hold two biggest global holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
With this in mind, you should aim at settling on the most ideal venue for the event, since a wrong venue may kill the mood and bring about disappointments. The only way to ensure that you secure a decent venue is by making an early booking.  

Benefits of Booking Your Holiday Party Venue Early. 

Below are the financial and opportunity advantages of booking a holiday party venue from as early as August.

Dictate Your Own Dates

If you book your venue early, you will be in a position to choose the date you want for your event, as most venues may be fully booked by October. It also makes it easy to change the dates, depending on your guests’ schedules as the venue is likely to have more ‘free’ days. 
Most importantly, having a date and venue several months before your holiday event will result in a better turnout, as your guests have enough time to plan their attendance. Additionally, early booking gives you more time to plan other things as you won’t be running around trying to book the nearest available venue days before your corporate party. 

Book A Great Venue

If you wait until the second week of September to book your holiday party venue, chances are that the most impressive venues will be fully booked, and you will be forced to settle for second best options available. And as we mentioned earlier, the venue you choose sets the tone for the event. You should therefore strive to settle on the best choice available, or else, the event may fail to live up to expectations.

Lower Prices

Most venue bookings are done during, or close to the holidays, which leads to higher prices as venue owners try to balance between demand and supply. If you make your bookings in August, or at least in the early days of September, you will pay the normal charges as opposed to the peak-period charges. 

Less Stress

Planning well ahead of time gives you peace of mind, and consequently lowers your stress levels. For one, successfully booking a venue on time allows you to focus on other things that directly or indirectly depend on the venue, such as entertainment, vendors and activity program. Your guests will also be in a position to confirm their attendance, or lack thereof, if they know the location of the holiday party in advance. Hence, you won’t be stressed days before the event, wondering if your guests will make it or not.

Bottom line: 

Holding an annual corporate holiday party is a great way to motivate your staff and enhance a positive rapport among all members of the organization. 
With this in mind, the best way to impress your corporate guests, partners and colleagues is by booking an impressive venue for your holiday party. However, this is only possible if you do it well in advance.

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