What To Do If You’re Planning a Last-Minute Wedding


Planning a wedding usually takes months, and the process can be very strenuous to both the couple and the wedding planner.
Aside from booking a wedding venue, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of before and during the big day, all of which require time and resource investment. 
So how can you plan a last-minute wedding? Well, read on to find out more…

  1. Determine How Much You Can Spend on the Wedding

Talk with your partner and find out how much you can invest on your big day. If your family can support you financially, approach them too and then set the overall budget. Having a budget is crucial, as it will guide you in the decision making process. 
Even if you don’t have adequate resources to organize a grand wedding, you may opt for a small, but perfect wedding.   

  1. Create a Checklist

A checklist is simply a list of items or activities that need to be accomplished. To ensure all activities are handled, you are advised to create a checklist, starting with the essential elements. This will make the planning process much easier.  

  1. Choose a Wedding Venue

Depending on the theme for your wedding, choose a suitable wedding venue and set the date. However, it is important to know that popular wedding venues are usually booked months in advance. You may have to be flexible with the day or time you want to tie the knot. 

  1. Prepare the Guestlist

The number of guests invited determines the amount of money to be spent. If you are running on a low budget, you are advised to cut your guest list to close family members and friends.

  1. Invite Your Wedding Party

A wedding party should be small and less formal as compared to the actual wedding. Moreover, only send invites to people that you intend to invite to your wedding. 
During the party, make a formal invitation,  and share crucial details such as the date and venue of the event. 

  1. Take Care of the Attire

Getting a  perfect wedding outfit may be a bit challenging, especially on a short notice. You should therefore start with an online search for available wedding dresses in your area, before going to other regions.  The best option is to buy or rent a ready-made attire, instead of customizing your suit from scratch, as it may be time-consuming. 

  1. Send Out Invites

Wedding cards are the standard method of sending out wedding invitations. However, when dealing with a last-minute wedding, you may be forced to use a fast and convenient method. For instance, you can choose to send invites via email or simply call everyone on your guest list. 

  1. Hire Vendors

Most wedding planners have extensive connections in the industry, and they may hook you up with reliable vendors.  In case you don’t hire a wedding planner, you may have to look for vendors by yourself. You therefore need to undertake thorough research on all the available vendors, to get the best deals.

  1. Take Care of the Design

Choose the overall theme for the wedding and narrow down on the color, style, floral arrangements, centerpieces, and decorations. Once you have an idea of the general design, have someone in your wedding party handle the finer details.

  1. Plan the Honeymoon

A Honeymoon is an integral part of the wedding. To avoid the last-minute rush, start by evaluating possible destinations, and make hotel and travel arrangements early in advance. Importantly, have your passports updated if you plan on going overseas.

  1. Have a wedding day agenda. 

After settling on your preferred vendor(s), communicate with them regularly, and identify the services to be provided.  Importantly, agree on time and duration in which they should report or handle a specific task. Thereafter, put down all the activities on the agenda, and make it available to all your vendors. 

  1. Find Someone to Take Care of Things for You

You are advised to hire a wedding planner or a trusted friend (preferably a person who isn’t attending the event)  to handle all the details during the wedding. This ensures that both you and your guests will have a great time.  

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