Tips For Choosing the Wedding Cake

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Wedding planning requires assertiveness and excellent decision-making skills in all aspects, more so when it comes to choosing a wedding cake. And as with any other decision-making process, you need to be well informed about various wedding cake ideas, available bakers and different designs. The more informed you are, the lower your chances of making expensive and regrettable decisions. 
So what should you consider? 

The Baker 

The first thing to do before choosing a particular wedding cake is to consider different bakers, and select one who fits your budget and requirements. Ask your close friends to recommend their favorite bakers or even do a Google search on the bakeries within your locality. 
Most bakers have websites and social media pages where they post their products and services. However, don’t let the pics fool you, as some bakers are known to steal images from other bakers. Read comments under any cake posts that interest you and seek reviews and testimonials in other forums as well. The key is to not only find a baker who is skilled enough to make different designs, but also one who’s credible and affordable. 

Getting Inspiration for Your Wedding Cake Design 

It is advisable to only settle for a particular cake design after you’ve decided the general wedding theme, venue, and color palette. This will help you choose a cake that complements your event.
Essentially, create a mood board with images of your favorite wedding cakes (the internet will come in handy) as well as the event’s color palette. Work with your baker to help you find a suitable and practical solution. If you’d like a colorful cake, work with fabric swatches that represent every color that will feature on your big day, to get the right color accents.

Guest List

Your guest list determines how much cake you will need, the design and make of the cake. Typically, a 3-tiered cake is adequate for 50 and 100 guests, while you will need about 5 tiers if your guest list exceeds 150.
Notably, most venues will include the cost of the cake in their wedding packages depending on the number of guests expected. If you get a good venue, they may advise you on the best wedding cake ideas to suit your budget and guest list. An experienced baker will also come through with some helpful tips and pointers.

Cake Tasting

Cake tasting is a crucial step in the cake selection process. It is through cake tasting that you get to know whether a particular cake tastes as good as it appears. You will also have a clue on whether the frosting is adequate, or whether it complements other ingredients.

Bottom line: Here is the deal…

Choosing the right wedding cake is not an easy task, as you have to consider the preferences of your family and guests in addition to your own. However, if you corroborate with your pastry chef and some family members, the work gets way much easier. 

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