Do Wedding Planners Plan Their Own Wedding?


What happens when a wedding planner is having a wedding? Do they hire another planner, or do they handle all the planning?
Well, some planners feel like they have the necessary skills and knowledge to make things work, and don’t see the need to hire an event planner for their wedding. However, most wedding planners follow their advice and outsource their event management to other event planning services.
This doesn’t always work out well, since most event planners have “major control issues”. If the hired event planners aren’t sufficiently patient, they may not be able to cope with the lower degree of control that occurs when working for another event planner.

Important Lessons for Wedding Planners

Some important lessons that wedding planners learn before and during their own wedding include:

Honesty and Realism

On a professional level, event planners rarely stick to budgets, particularly when faced with an increasing guest list. Similarly, it’s hard for them to be logical and realistic with costs when it’s someone else picking the tab. When gearing up for their special day, planners get to appreciate the importance of being realistic with expectations and sticking to budgets.

Due Diligence

Event planners are known to repeatedly impress on their clients the importance of reading through contracts and doing thorough research on vendors. Interestingly, they get a chance to practice what they preach during the course of their wedding preparations.

They Get to View Things From A Couple’s Perspective

It’s a humbling reality check for wedding planners to get to choose decorations, themes, menus, and New York Bay venues based on their preferences and personality, as opposed to a client’s. Consequently, they become more emotionally attached to everything about the event, which doesn’t happen often in their professional work.

Being Experimental

You are advised not to be overly obsessed with the color scheme, to the point of forgoing great items just because they don’t match the palette. After all, the majority of people rarely notice small variations in color schemes.

Rent, Not Buy

As mentioned earlier, one of the painful realities that hit event planners when planning their own events is limited budgets. To this end, one gets the sense of hiring items as opposed to owning it all. At the end of the day, all you need to own are the memories of your special day, not equipment.

Sticking to Pros

Even for a pro planner, planning your wedding all by yourself is a monumental task. Of course, the temptation to hire one of your planner friends or relatives is always there. But that rarely ends well, and that is why you are advised to hire a professional event planning services.

Take Advantage of Commodore Event Planning Services

Our event planning services cover all sorts of weddings, and can be tailored to meet your specific needs and budget. Whether you are a pro planner looking to get married or just a regular couple, our skilled team will make your wedding day a day to remember. Drop us a line today for a quote!

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