Planning Your 2019 Corporate Holiday Event


Corporate holidays are quite beneficial to a company. From increased employee engagement to enhanced productivity, companies stand to gain a lot by simply organizing an office party for their employees.
As we approach the holiday season, it is prudent to start planning your 2019 corporate holiday event early, to avoid a last-minute rush. Essentially, you need to decide on the type of holiday you will have, discuss available funds with the administrators, and select an appropriate New York venue, for a memorable event.
Below are the steps to planning a successful Corporate Holiday Event.

1. Set your event objectives

The first step to planning a holiday is to set your key goals. You need to define the purpose of the event, and outline the expected outcomes. Ideally, you should also approximate the dates you would like to hold the event. This will come in handy when negotiating with venue owners.

2. Create a planning committee

Involving other staff members raises employee engagement, and it allows other people to ‘feel like they own the event’. With this in mind, it makes more sense to create a planning committee that includes members from all departments. The committee may help in handling crucial details such as security, decoration, drafting the guest list and selecting menus.
3. Decide on the venue and check on availability and pricing
Choosing the venue can take a lot of time, as you have to consider factors such as pricing, availability, security, and capacity. Preferably, you should hold the party outside familiar settings to allow your employees to connect and bond more freely. Sounds good, right?

4. Make a budget

Making a budget becomes easy if you already have a venue, and a rough estimate of people who are likely to show up for the party.
Your budget should cover everything; from the venue fees to food and beverages. Preferably, you should request committee members to draft departmental budgets before consolidating them into one. You may also want to discuss with your boss if you need more funds for any eventuality.

5. Celebrate after the holiday rush

Throwing your corporate party after the holidays can go a long way to relieve the pressure off your employees. Essentially, your staff won’t feel the pressure of other holiday obligations if you hold the bash on a weeknight after the holidays.

Here’s the point:

Corporate holiday events do not have to be formal. You can make things more exciting by approaching the event from a different point of view. In essence, you ought to be unique by introducing new holidays ideas. For instance, instead of holding the event in a familiar venue, consider partying on a luxury yacht on the New York Bay! This might just turn out to be the most memorable holiday your guests have ever had.
If you need any help planning your 2019 corporate holiday event, do not hesitate to call Yachts For All Seasons. We will be glad to host your party within your set budget.

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