Tips for Finding Your Ideal Wedding Dress


The dream wedding just wouldn’t be the same without the perfect wedding dress!
If you’re getting married and you need to go dress shopping, you probably already know that you’re going to look at more than one dress (and try on more too) before you get closer to what you want.
When shopping, you want to be in love with the dress. Check out these tips for how to look and what to look for when looking at gowns. Whether online or at the store, having a good structure for what to expect will help you figure out what you want.

Don’t overly concern yourself with the fit.

Most dresses aren’t going to fit you automatically just like a glove. But you can imagine what the dress would look like and if you decide in the end that it’s the one, then it can be tailored and altered to fit you. Consultants may use pins and clips to hlep you see how it would be on the big day and if you select the dress, know that the fit in most cases can be altered to help you. Look at the dress first!

You can change the dress (for money).

Loving a dress but wanting to change things can work within reason. Ask if it’s possible or within reason and then go from there. Just keep in mind that bigger changes can often come with a bigger price tag. So remember that alterations are possible for a bit extra.

Select one feature, forgetting the rest!

You may have a whole criteria list for the dress, but does it exist? Going above five requirements for a dress may end up confusing you. Instead, narrow down your vision to the gown’s most important feature.

Consider the ‘feeling’ over ‘the look’.

Focus on the details of the dress, but also how you feel in it. Does it match your vision? Perhaps you want to look elegant, or you want something that you feel showcases your sense of style and the way that you picture yourself standing up there with your dearly beloved. Whether you want something that’s delicate or you want something that’s going to be more glamorous or feminine yet traditional, there’s a dress out there for you and a consultant at the salon or store will know exactly what you mean when you mention specific adjectives you have in mind for your dress.

Reduce the shopping entourage.

Consider your shopping partners well! Don’t bring too many people with you for the appointments so that you can keep your inner circle close and tight. Figuring out what the dress that’s right for you would be is going to be tough, so bring the people in your life that are the most positive, supportive, and have great fashion style (or let you make up your mind and channel your own fabulous sense of style). A second and third opinion never hurts, but too many can be confusing!

Consider accessories.

An accessory when added on carefully can be a fantastic complement to your wedding dress. However, you also want the dress to shine. Check out accessories, but your best bet is borrowing a veil or a sash to see how they would look with the gown.

Go light with online research.

Going online can be a great idea for getting inspiration for your dress. It can also be a very motivational and inspirational black hole! We kid, but Pinterest or Instagram may get overwhelming very quickly because the pictures and the dresses are nearly endless. Research and get inspiration online and through social media, but set a 20-minute timer so you don’t fall down the rabbit hole or lose track of your true vision!

Consider shopping for wedding dresses that are non-traditional.

Start the dress shopping off by getting into salons and boutiques and checking out dresses and gowns. If you cannot decide still, then consider gown locations that aren’t as traditional (this works well if you’re not that traditional yourself). A blush or white dress may be something that catches your eye, or you may decide that a vintage dress is ideal and you’re in love with it. Consider the unique and then you can always go back to traditional if you find that appealing and maybe you’ll have a clearer vision than before!

Stop the search for that ideal dress.

It may end up being perfect in your eyes, but the ideal dress? That is a fantasy that is very subjective! Keep up your search and try to realize what the main concept you have in mind is. Is it based on a dress that you saw in a movie or a bridal magazine? Do you want something elegant? Getting a clear idea of what you’re after can help you find the perfect gown that you absolutely love.

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