Great Corporate Event Planning in 8 Steps


When it comes to putting together company events, it can involve a lot more than simply locating a venue.
You want to provide an engaging event for the people that attend, and that’s where good corporate event planning comes in. Follow these 8 steps and find out how you can throw a great corporate event.

1. Venue Location

When you are hosting a meeting offsite, where you have it can be important! Consider how many people total will be going to this venue and whether parking is available. A yacht charter with Yachts For All Seasons can be helpful as clients can be picked up at different small ports located around the bay.

2. Staying Flexible

When you are trying to schedule a meeting, you need to be flexible when it comes to different times and dates. That way, more options for a venue can be available to you. Keep an open mind and know what your time requirements or desires are. One hour can be very different to a five-hour meeting or more.

3. Consider the Guests and the Space

The space needs to match the amount of guests! Considering how many guests or employees or individuals are going to be in attendance total can help you figure out what you’ll need for an event and where you want to host it.

4. Setting the Tone

If your meeting is going to have a certain goal, theme, or mission, then consider that. Your event may want to match the concept with different time blocking for various activities or just having a solid meeting and then moving on to have some food and enjoy the rest of the event for a social and team-building conclusion.

5. Setting the Lights, Setting the Effects

When it comes to the event planner for a venue, you’ll definitely want to run the agenda by them. That way, you’ll make sure that the right lighting and the effects and more are going to be lined up.

6. Consider the Amenities

When you have goals and certain things to accomplish, you’re going to want to get it done. But also consider that if the venue has great amenities that you could blend the activities and the amenities to help make a day that is productive and memorable in a positive way for everyone.

7. Arranging Food

Venues can usually set up food with some advance notice and planning. Venues or vendors, caterers, etc., can accommodate special food and nutrition concerns as well. Vegan, vegetarian, dairy and nut free and more are all options, so be aware that people may have certain requirements on the menu that they want to get done.

8. Arranging for Professional Help

The staff for a venue can add that professional level of service that helps make an event or occasion successful. Consider whether you’ll need staff for your event as well.

Take a Cruise With Yachts For All Seasons

Make your next company event a rewarding one! Taking a chartered yacht on the bay could be the perfect setting for your next meeting or corporate event. Contact our company today to discover more about what a yacht charter has to offer!

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