Creative Fall Wedding Ideas in NYC


Are you planning on having a fall wedding in NYC?
Autumn is one of the most popular seasons to get married in, a time where the seasons are turning and the leaves are changing. There is no doubt that a New York City fall wedding would be magical. It’s all about figuring out what you want to do and which touches, locations, or aesthetic choices you would like to integrate.
Planning a wedding can be intimidating, but it can also be a great chance to check out fall wedding ideas and see what options you like! There are so many ideas out there and so many things you can do, from theme to dress to venue and more.

Get Creative with a New York Area Wedding

This event should showcase what the two of you want as a couple and be totally your preference. Beware of overdoing things, but somewhere between classically beautiful or totally modern you should be able to look over options and see what’s important to you. From entertainment to options for dining/catering, to flowers and wedding venue, there are many areas and specific things that you’re going to have to make decisions about.
The best thing to do is immediately start looking at your options. Looking at a huge variety of options will help you know that you are choosing from everything available to you. This will help you feel confident when you do like something that there isn’t anything out there that you might like more.

Color Palette

Generally every wedding has a color theme or something that it all revolves around. These thematic colors are going to be carried out throughout the ceremony, so think about what you love and what might match well with the season and venue.


You’ll want to consider this one carefully. An autumn day may be warm or breezy, but temps may drop at night. Be sure you are helping to select attire for you and your partner that is going to work for several hours– same for the bridal parties!


With a huge variety of musical taste, there’s a lot to select from. Think about whether you’d like a live band or something recorded but personalized, like a DJ with a set list you’ve provided that acts as an MC.

Wedding Venue

In New York, there are endless places to get married. There are also competitive bookings for just about anywhere you would want to be– after all, it’s a big city with a lot of people and autumn is a popular wedding season to pick. Whether saying “I do” on land or switching it up and taking to water, you can celebrate your big day in style. A wedding venue located on the water is easy to set up, memorable, and fun.

NYC Area Wedding Cruises

Cruise the day or night away on your special day with a wedding as unique as your love. Contact Yachts For All Seasons to find out more or call us at (212) 534-6380 for more info about how you can have your wedding on a beautiful yacht.

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