Millennials Coming Up With Their Own Wedding Traditions


Ask a wedding planner about what impact the millennial generation has had on weddings, and you may be surprised at what they say!
Every culture has its own traditions, from special moments to dances, and more. While some adults that are middle-age have likely followed similar traditions to that of their parents, this generation doesn’t mind breaking the rules.
The wedding experience is another thing that they are able to redefine and make their own. Whether that means incorporating tradition or going for something completely unique, the way that this generation takes on life is starting to have a major influence on the average wedding experience (and industry).
They may value having a great experience over wanting more material aspects. Expensive layouts with hotels, dresses, and more may all be thrown casually to the side. The average millennial may spend a little on their outfits but a lot on the venue or experience, valuing an exciting and memorable event. Location weddings, including taking a chartered yacht on the New York Bay, are increasingly popular as a result!
They’re Showing These Wedding Traditions the Door:

Wedding Parties, Outfits

The bridesmaids and groomsmen are going to be optional! The soon-to-be-wed couple may invite no one to stand up there with them or a mix of their close friends by the ceremony, throwing gender roles aside.

Keepsake Gifts

Whether you have a wedding party or not, not everyone is sticking to the idea that you get gifts for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and guests. Millennials are arbitrary about whether they follow this tradition; it’s in a take-it-or-leave it status.

Formal Meals and Cake Cutting

Sit down meals can be exchanged for a buffet, food stations, even a mobile burger truck! The sky’s the limit, and millennials are getting creative. It would not be unusual to have mac and cheese as an appetizer– or an entirely appetizer-driven meal! Plus, having a cake and having to cut it and then feed a piece to each other might be seen as a tradition that they just don’t want to incorporate.
Tossing the Bouquet, Garter
This is a tradition that is becoming less popular. No one particularly wants to fling a garter into a crowd of people that they know, and this antiquated ritual is being reduced down to the bouquet toss or nothing at all.
Taking a Honeymoon
This can still happen, but newlyweds are often waiting longer to take them instead of feeling they have to go IMMEDIATELY after their reception. Some may even go not that far and take more of a local vacation. The idea of having to go somewhere tropical or exotic after you’re married is not a pressure that millennials feel they need to do.
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