Combining Yachts and Business Events


Do you like to work hard and play hard? If you’re going to be having a work event, why not make the most of it and schedule it to take place on board a luxurious yacht?
Take the tough work out of planning thanks to professional event planning services that can help you accomplish a lot and deck out everything for you (no pun intended). If you’re searching for a great corporate event venue for your next corporate event, a cruise on the New York Bay could be the perfect setting.
Engage with employees, have conversations with current or prospective clients, celebrate a great year, and more! Whether you’re planning a business event for the people that help make your company great or for the clients that make it all possible, business is always more enjoyable when conducted on a luxury yacht!
Why choose a yacht for your next business meeting or event?
Interesting Settings
Changing out the standard conference room in the hotel for a luxury yacht takes you from a dull setting to an interesting one! Something about the fresh air and being on the water is so invigorating that being in this atmosphere means that you’ll be having the business event of a lifetime.
Flexibility of Choice
Why plan a destination meeting in New York someplace standard without much choice? Flexibility of what you get is possible with a yacht charter in New York from Yachts For All Seasons. With amenities available such as live entertainment, music, dancing, variety of menus and more, an event planner can even set up team building activities and more.
When you think about it, venue conference rooms in New York can be very expensive. While the hotels and event venues are making a fortune off of these brief business necessities, you may be surprised to find that yacht venues can be affordable in comparison and when you purchase packages that include amenities. With a more interesting environment and when you’re spending a similar amount, why not go with a conference room on the water?
The Sense of Luxury
Your employees will feel the luxury, and your clients will too! Everyone will be able to unwind and enjoy the scenery as the yacht gets underway. A meeting room that is not the norm will have everyone’s attention on you if you do give a presentation, speech, or address your guests. An attentive staff will mean that everyone is taken care of and looked after, leaving you to conduct business or socialize throughout as you choose!
New York Yacht Venues for Business
Get out of the office or hotel when it comes to your next business event! Whether you’re doing an event or a meeting, provide clients and staff with an event to remember. The team at Yachts For All Seasons make planning any event seamless. You might be pleasantly surprised at the returns on your investment and the results of your choice! Call us today at (875) 538-6002, or get in contact with us online to find out more.

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