Things You Need to Do After You Get Engaged


Did you just get engaged? If so, congratulations! This is a time for celebration!
Saying yes to the question and getting engaged is one of the most special moments in a person’s life! But what do you do after the big moment happens?
Take a Photo or Video
You’re only newly engaged once, so why not live it up? Let the moment live forever by taking a post reaction photo or selfie of the two of you (take a few so you can choose your favorite or have multiples to post). One photo of the two of you and another of the ring is the bare minimum. If you want to go out and get a manicure and prep before you take the photos, we won’t tell anyone! Preserve the moment with photos and/or video so that you always remember the moment.
Enjoy the Moment
When it comes to getting engaged, it can be such a blissful feeling. If you’re on cloud nine, why not keep it going? There’s no rule that you have to rush out and announce it to the world. In fact, social media means that news can spread like wildfire and then the texting and the calls and people congratulating you will begin.
Take time to enjoy the moment and being newly engaged and then you can think about everything else. Go out to dinner, or pop a bottle of bubbly to split at home. Maybe you can even go on a brief vacation or day out together and stay at a bed and breakfast! Take as long and enjoy this time together.
Decide How You’re Going to Share Your News
You’re probably going to want to share the news. Once you get engaged, set aside a specific time that you’re going to let friends and family know. Some people like to have a reveal, while others like to let others in their life know individually. It’s up to you how you want to share the news. Maybe you even want to wait a few days or two and savor the feeling.
Size and Insure the Ring
We admit, this is not a step that immediately comes to mind. Some people think to size their ring because it isn’t the right size, while others want to be sure that the ring is the correct size for their finger. You’ll also want to consider getting it insured. If your ring is worth a significant amount, having a backup plan for anything happening to it is a great idea that will reduce any anxiety you have over it getting damaged or lost!
Select A Venue for Your Engagement
Once you’ve picked the wedding party, it’s time to have the engagement party! For that you will ultimately have to select an engagement party venue with a date and time as well as the food and beverage options.
Seek Wedding Inspiration
Now is the time that you can let your imagination run wild. From bridal magazines to going online, why not explore your inner fantasy and get some wedding inspiration? It’ll be fun and also let you low-key get ideas for your wedding.

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