6 Tips for Finding Great Wedding Vendors

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Do you want to plan a beautiful wedding? The vendors for your wedding will be a big part of it, so you’ve got to pick wisely. Consider what you’d like for your New York Bay Area wedding, do your research, follow up, and you will likely be happy with your results.
1. Fundamental Details
Consider fundamental details before your search begins. You need to know your budget, as well as the date and time for when you want your wedding and reception to take place. You will also want to research the venue or location that you would like to have and check availability for the date and time that you want as you may end up changing it.
2. Explore Your Options
There are plenty of great local vendors in the New York Bay Area or any given area that you’re interested in. Going online and researching the different options available to you will give you a good idea of what your choices are. Check out options in person at a venue showcase or bridal show.
3. Pick Some Vendors
Review your options and select your top vendor choices. Narrowing it down in each category, select your top four choices. You can interview or meet with the first two and then if they are not available for your wedding, you still have well-researched options to check out too.
4. Contact the Vendors
Once you have done a preliminary search and found some great vendors that you like, it’s time to get in touch. Engage contact phase, starting with your top first and second choice. You can call them or use email. Introduce yourself. If someone doesn’t get back to you in a timely fashion, cross them off the list. For those that do get back to you, set up a way to find out more information in a meeting or phone interview.
5. Make a List of Questions
Set up interview and make a list of the questions that you want to ask. Writing them down and having a brainstorming session will help you think over what you’d like to say so that you don’t forget anything in the moment when meeting with vendors. This is your chance to ask about cost, policies, fees, etc. The first question should likely be their availability for a certain date, which you may want to ask about prior to interviews to save time. Asking about their event portfolio, past experience, and references may be a good idea as well.
6. Request Endorsements
If you find a good vendor that you want to work with and still need different vendors, ask for their endorsement of other businesses. For instance, a catering company may know a great floral vendor, and so on.
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